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  1. Druez


    Could you please make the USL play their league. I don't even care if I can control them. But the way it is currently setup, loaning my players to my affiliate team in the USL, doesn't get them any games other then the US Open cup and friendlies. Need that for player development of my younger players.
  2. No, it still randomly crashes, just isn't always on the 21st.
  3. Ok another update. For whatever reason the england season 2 crash druez player removed from int squad causes crash save, isn't causing a crash anymore. But to duplicate the crash, load the england season 2 crash druez 2020.3.17.fm file. Then follow these steps and it will crash. Continue till the 18th, then choose defensive positioning on scouting report. Then hit continue till you get email about youth players. I offered contracts to the bottom 2 piper bodkin and billy jones. I signed them for 2 year hot prospect contracts. Then go up to the email about international players about Joe Ellul and remove him from squad. Keeping hitting continue and you will crash about 75% of the time. If you get past the 21st it doesn't crash. On one save I got till after the Estleigh game about a week after forest green then it crashed. So, maybe I don't know why its crashing. Sorry man thought I had it figured out.
  4. Ahh ha. I think I figured it out. If I don't withdraw the player from the international squad, it doesn't crash on the 21st. If I withdraw him from the international squad it crashes and reboots my computer. It also corrupts the save for whatever reason as well. So the save above is corrupted I"m uploading a save from the 17th. This is before I withdraw the player from the squad. If I leave him on to go international, it doesn't crash. The save below I withdrew him and it will crash. England Season 2 crash druez player removed from int squad causes crash 2020.03.21.fm this is the one that will crash with the player removed from squad. Hope this helps!
  5. Ok March 21st it looks like when happens. I updated my graphic drivers and it still happens. Here is my new diaxdiag file. England Season 2 crash druez 2020.03.21.fm is the new save I uploaded. It is saved the day right before it happens. Hit continue a few times and it crashes. Things to note, I just offered some youth players contracts and I also withdrew a player from an international squad. Not sure that matters, just letting you know. DxDiag.txt
  6. Will do Felix, yeah I renamed it from the ftp tool by right clicking. I'm guessing, I didn't get the extension on. I'll upload without renaming when I get home. Thank you my friend.
  7. I'm at work. I'll check when I get home. What do you mean it isn't an FM file? I renamed it before upload, but it is right out of the save game directory. The data is somewhat random. Just keeps happening around this week. I'll provide more information when I get home.
  8. Hi, my game is crashing over and over again this week. One time I got through the week, but it crashed shortly after. That save was also corrupted. I have it set to create new file every save. I'm uploading my latest save. It crashes right before this next game. I'll upload my files. I've turned of manual scouting. I seem to crash more when I have this on. England Season 2 crash druez is the file I uploaded to save games in FTP I've lost a complete season, before I started making new files. Loving the game, can't figure out what is happening. This is the crash where my computer gets blue screen and reboots everytime. DxDiag.txt
  9. I love playing in the MLS. With that being said, without the USL being active it is very difficult to keep your prospects training and fit. They only get gets during friendlies or US Open Cup. Can you please allow the MLS to increase the cap space as the years go by. It would be neat to see that if in 20 years, you can get it on the level of Europe's big leagues. Only way we can do that is if the league gains prestige and is allowed more money per team.
  10. I have an update. It seems to happen when I go on vacation. It runs fine when I go on vacation, but when I get back from vacation it runs horribly slow. I went on vacation for a month, came back at end of May and then when I hit continue it takes forever to move forward each day. I exit out and come back in and don't go on vacation and it runs ok.
  11. No editing done. I added my dxdiag. So i have england to conference. I have germany to 3rd division. Poland to 1st division. Mexico to 1st division and MLS. About 6 other nations as view only. Roughly 40k players. I started in Jan 2017 without a team. Got into polish 1st division. Went on vacation and it was chugging along ok. Then I hit April and it came to a crawl. It actually hangs for a good minute, before the wheel spins. I am running it on an SSD as well. DxDiag.txt
  12. I'm trying to find the current roster set for the MLS. Anyone have an idea of where I can find an updated MLS roster set?
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