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  1. Hello Michael. Thank you very much for this style, I can't play with the default "negative" (white on black) style. Now I can (finally) play FM. I read that you will not consider to add the instant button. That's ok, may I ask to you just a little advice? I am trying to add this code. I've tried in panels\team\team squad.xml but it didn't work. Should I check another file? Thank you
  2. Hello from Italy, my english is so and so. I only registered to make you my warmest compliments. When I found out that FM21 didn't have a light skin it was shocking. With all the resources they have, why the f*** didn't they consider that there are people out there that "might" have trouble with negative style views. I just can't play FM actually due to a problem with my eyes, after 10 minutes it gives me a headache. I made the mistake of buying it in beta. Never again. I really appreciate your work and want to thank you sincerely. I am not a skinner but if you want I
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