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  1. Wow there don’t get so defensive, I just said in my opinion, you know based on what I can see with my own eyes, what the UI is telling me, that shape is still a thing. That link is fair enough but why does creative freedom change in the tactics screen when you go fluid or structured? This affects the team familiarly and the individual players familiarity.
  2. Regardless of what its called, team fluidity in my opinon I think it functions exactly the same as team shape did, more fluid increases creative freedom and brings the lines of the team closer together, structured the exact opposite. Look at the tactics screen, creative freedom increases when fluid and decreases when structured.
  3. @CFuller You moan about users giving hyperbole but here you are doing exactly the same, nobody meantioned ZX spectrums or CM 1863, and maybe just maybe there is more destructive feedback in this years release because just maybe people don't like it and think its a backward step. I know this won't sit well with your constant head in the sand/audition for a Mod here viewpoint but some people care about the game and are rightly concerned about what they perceive to be declining standards. Starting with your hyperbole would be a great start to clean up the forums
  4. As an alleged simulation of elite level football FM19 is a total failure, there is no creative play, every move ends up going wide and a cross attempt, and to keep the score realistic crosses are artiftially blocked because there are far too many of them. I honestly can't believe anyone thinks that this is how top flight football looks like because it isn't, there are no top flight games that feature 80+ crosses. Its time for SI to have a complete rethink, the whole mentality scale concept is outdated and has no relation to top flight football at all, control of possesion is dicated by the qualtiy of the players not because the smaller team plays on defensive low risk football, its nonsense. we need to have some skill in the ME its 10+ years of 3D and we don't even have a simple dip of a shoulder or chop back onto a stronger foot, give me a one two, a proper give and go one two with the attacker driving into space. Give me a dummy, give me an actual push the ball past an opponent and blow him away for speed. Give me a David silva style slide rule pass, or a little dink over the defensive line for a runner, give me that most basic football move of a angled pass and a straight run or vice-versa, this is striker movement you learn at under 10's, give me a curved run along the defensive line, give me some actual finishing, let me see a 20 for finishing look different to a 2 because at the moment there is no difference. Give me a goalkeeper that actaully moves to narrow angles and slides at the feet of an attacker not the stupid nonsense we see now where they stand on their line and take catches over head hight looking more like a cricket wicketkeeper the a goalkeeper. Give me some actual skill in finishing, give me a messi style dink, give me proper going round the keeper, give me the draw the keeper out and slip it square to a teamate for a tap in. Just give me some basic football moves that you see at non league level give me something that actaully improves the ME not VAR animations, vanishing spray or other gimicy rubbish, improve the actual football on show after all you claim its a simulation, at the moment it only looks like a hybrid of the david moyes Man Utd vs Fulham Crossing simulator mixed with the Tony Pulis set piece simulator, its just not football...........
  5. @CFuller Can you post one of your saves then to back up your mythical variety of goals?
  6. Its the balancing algorithm to make sure the right amount of goals are scored because there are virtually no goals from close range long shots and free kicks are increased to give the right amount of goal scored overall. People will say its your tactics but this is just not true.
  7. If its really not still in the game why did SI bother to spend the developer hours in implementing it in the UI and linking it to creative freedom in exactly the way it was before, the code exists to display it in the UI and thats a fact, the team selection screens are new and if it wasn't in the game why write the code for the new screens? that makes no sense at all, especially as all we ever hear is that SI are a small development team and don't have the resources of larger dev houses.
  8. I think the main issue is with AI squad building coupled with the reputation system, meaning that after a couple of seasons the high reputation teams have gathered all of the better players that start the game at low reputation clubs, and those low reputation clubs don't replace with any potential quality. Not sure if I have explained that very well but lets take the EPL for example, initially when you start even some of the relegation tipped teams have one or sometimes two players that are actually capable of playing for the top 4 teams - e.g. Villa - Benteke, Austin - QPR, Beharino -West Brom, Newcastle - Perez, Burney Ings Now after a season or two the cream rises to the top, which is perfectly true to life, but whereas in real life those teams towards the bottom of the league compensate by buying potential stars, reserves or youngsters from the bigger clubs to give first team football to develop and sell on. They also have to be creative in the loan market and take more of a chance on the random foreigners which is where FM falls down massively, its just not capable of doing this so the bigger teams end up stockpiling players they don't need and the lower clubs are unable to advance. The high potential youngsters go to the high reputation teams whereas sometimes in real life a high potential player will go to a lower team for first team football sometimes as a stopgap to adjust to the demands of the league before being picked up by a bigger club. The net result of this the longer you play the bigger gap there becomes between the top teams and the lower clubs and this for me is where the whole transfer market could be improved if its technically possible in coding terms.
  9. completely correct, I was sacked at the end of the season after not winning a game after the incident. Completely understand that it was my mistake, I just found the total swing a little unrealistic, and should morale be more important that having world class players and reasonably effective tactics , but then this afternoon I have just watched Newcastle v Leicester so I'd say its probably true to life! I'll chalk this one up to experience,
  10. Man city second season fined aguero after he had a 5.1 10 shots 1 on target, whole squad thought he was treated un fairly, next three games apparently all my professional footballers are all so heartbroken by that event that they can no longer make 5 yard passes and are frustrated from minute one on-wards. I have now lost three drawn one because of this, whereas before I was unbeaten in 10, what really annoys me is he had a crap rating squandered chances it was rated as a poor performance and now my season is basically ruined as all my squad can no longer play football because of it, I just don't get the logic.
  11. Really this is a complete nonsense, this also doesn't take into account the injuries in matches that don't turn into a red or orange but just deplete the match fitness. For the love of god I hope SI are watching some top level football right now because the tackling on this game is 0% realistic, the AI can just hard tackle the hell out of you with virtually no punishment. The game now at the top level has become virtually non contact, but yet on FM defenders launch themselves into tackles liked a hung over sunday morning center back, playing for the dog and duck. The motion capture superman animation happens time and time again as my players run forward at a opposition player, if its not that its the triple pirouette after being tackled. Tackles put you on your arse time and time again, there is literally nothing you can do about it, and then the injuries kick in, really its just nonsense and nothing like top level football, hell its not much like conference football. I bet this gets closed but you can talk about tactics all you like, but if all the opposition has to do is hard tackle you to win then this game is pointless.
  12. Ok I had a go with changing my AML to be a inside forward instead of a AP and increased tempo but absolutely no difference. In my last game the only opposition tactic was to kick me out of the game, I had a massive 26 free kicks and a whole host of corners and free kicks from all of the opposition sliding tackles. I think tackling is way way over powered in this game, and the referee doesn't implement the rules correctly, the tackle from behind has been a yellow or red card offence since 1998 but not in this game. Its just not enjoyable to watch your team get kicked off the park week in week out, its like watching football in the 80's
  13. Thanks for the tips guys, much appreciated. The offloading the injury prone players will be a option come the summer, Jovetic for one is going, its just pointless having him, I'm in march and I don't think he's ever been 100% fit. Here is my formation It seems that my single striker is always singled out for hard tackling, and the wide left play maker role which is shared between Silva, Nasri and Jovetic also seems to be targeted. Is the strength stat relevant when it comes to injuries?v Not directly I know theres a injury hidden stat but indirectly I.e are players with lower strength more susceptible to being clattered as it seems like they end up on the floor in the majority of tackles?
  14. I don't want to start of the whole, there are to many injuries argument again, we know we are stuck with this patch now so its pointless, but is there anything that I can do to stop to AI just constantly hard tackling all my best players. It seems that my best players in every game are targeted by opposition for hard tackling so they end up injured, I have had a total of 40 injuries (red or orange) in a total of 50 games as I feel that I am constantly on the receiving end of hard tackling which goes un-punished by the ref. To give some context I'm in the first season as Man city, I know jovetic, and Aguero are pretty injury prone, but I have lost every player expect my back up goalkeeper from my first team squad at one time or another. I play standard, and short passing most of the time, I don't tend to play slow and retain possession shout, so should I play faster? I have tried Control at some stages of the season but playing a quicker game with players having less time on the ball dosn't seem to make any difference. I am seriously at my wits end it seems like in every game I am just waiting for which player will be injured and its very annoying, so any advice or help would be very much appreciated.
  15. Hunt3r all the resolved threads in there that I have seen contain some form of third party graphics that I am not using, we have a list of things to try, which indecently are not trivial - I mean a lot of users will not even know the windows registry even exists let alone how to edit it. I have patiently been through the list of things twice to hopefully rule out any mistakes form my part, I have posted all of what I have done and am seeing on my thread I realize this is a tricky bug, but now Im stuck other than trying the same procedure over and over again I have no options.
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