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  1. On 31/12/2020 at 13:04, Michael Mallia said:

    Hi @Interista4, thank you for your response.

    We are currently investigating issues surrounding the Cloud saves and are working together with Microsoft to try and find a resolution as we have had a number of reports of people having similar issues following the update 

    I'm unable to confirm whether the saves are corrupted beyond repair as the issue may not be with the save files being corrupted as it is an issue with them being accessed from the cloud.

    Appreciate this doesn't clear things up from my original statement but just so you are aware we are still looking into this issue and hope that the resolution will allow you to recover these save files. 

    I've bought your game for 1 reason and that was to play a save with my friends, we have put so much time into it for nothing and feel like we have been conned out of our money as your game bugged and ruined our experience

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