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  1. Interesting, thanks that makes sense I’ll try changing a few instructions. I always toy with putting the CB up top as a target man and pumping balls on the box like real life! Maybe that could be a potential feature in upcoming FMs ‘send centre back forward’
  2. Okay I see, so why wouldn’t you just increase your risk to let’s say very attacking if you’re chasing a late goal? You’d want to get the ball back quicker, play higher up the pitch, more direct passing etc.
  3. Noticed during this interview of Sir Alex Ferguson where they discuss the risk in the last 15 minutes of games to try and find a late goal. Man united were great at this back in the day and Sir Alex references getting more bodies into the box, getting the ball out wide and causing havoc. Interesting to hear other people’s thoughts/methods on chasing a late goal. You see many teams chucking a centre back up top as a ‘target man’ in an attempt cause havoc and win flicks on to hopefully get a goal. In FM, I understand the ‘mentality’ is an indicator of how much risk you want to take. Wh
  4. I’ll give that a try tonight, thanks for the suggestion. Yeah it’s hard to get the balance right!
  5. Cool looking forward to reading the update! It is hard to get it to work, think I may just stay with the half back to kind of get a back 3 sometimes. At the moment I’m using a winger and a raumdeuter with a false 9 up top. Still playing around with the inverted winger though so not set on anything yet!
  6. Looks really good to me, seems to create a lot of movement in and around the half space. Similar to what I have but I’ve dropped the SS to a Mez and use a RPM and WB(S) on the right. Think your problem might be that de bruyne has comes deep to get ball ppm. I’d you had someone with moves into channels I think the BBM/RPM would work fine! Have you experimented with trying to get the back 3 in the build up with a FB(D)?
  7. Quality and very informative bit of analysis which I will take into my own save. Look forward to reading more
  8. A move im trying to create is my CM(A) to make a decoy run past the defensive line, taking the opposition centre mid out the game to create space for a wide man to cut inside and deliver an inswinging cross to the back post for the i rushing IF. Mahrez-esc. There are a few ways I have thought this could happen: W(S) with cuts inside, does not use weaker foot PPM IW(S) with hold up ball, stay wider, hold position, cross more often, cross more often, cross to far most. Has anyone tried creating a similar thing? Would be great to hear your thoughts and methods if so.
  9. This is what I am trying to replicate at the moment - I.e The 5-0 Barca v Real Madrid in 2010 - you kind of can in some parts of the play to some extent, with the left full back (D/S) creating the back 3, the false 9 dropping into the top of the diamond and an inverted winger acting as the ‘striker’, which then triggers the fullback to move high and wide on the right.
  10. Nice write up, defo would be interested to see the other recreations from the premier league! It seems we have similar thinking with the FB(D) creating the back 3 in the build up - works really well imo and is the way pep likes to build from the back in real life. Very similar to my system in defence (trying to create Pep's Barca v Real Madrid 2010) but the main difference being instead of right full back tucking in, he provides the width down the right.
  11. Good work, looking forward to see the other replications! The way I see it in 2010/11 Abidal would stay in line with the defence and create the back 3 and rarely venture forward, so Busquets no longer needs to drop between the CB’s. So I use the Abidal role as a FB(D) & the Busquets role as a standard DM(D).
  12. Great write up! Very interesting to hear other thoughts as I am also trying to replicate the Barca 2010-11 side. Just a few thoughts: Messi - I’m currently using a False 9, but have trialed an AP(A) in the AM strata last couple of games... worth having a look as I like what I saw. Drifts around more than the false 9, is more involved in the build up, is a ball magnet (which he was in real life), also picks the ball up deep and drives at the defence more looking for a shot, a pass and gets on the end of cutbacks. Am sceptical of continuing with this as my OCD tells me not to go for st
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