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  1. Exactly. I said my definition above: would get into a world squad of 24 or so. That would mean he'd have to be in the top 4/5 midfielders. He was probably very close, and as I said maybe if he'd actually been played in position more we would have seen more of the best of him so I would put him there. As it was, no.
  2. We all have our opinions. The old classics about what fellow professional Zidane once said about him in an interview and Neville once seeing Scholes hit a crossbar on purpose (or something like that) often get trotted out. They mean nothing. And I agree, Scholes was better than Gerrard and Lampard, and the 00s team should've had Scholes as its creative core. Maybe we would have seen more of what he could do that way.
  3. Are you referring to the sink or the story? Because the sink looks ridiculous.
  4. Here "history" means since the war (God, I just mentioned it!): Germany have a history of long term investment, doing things right and organisations driven by practitioners. The UK has a history of short termism, "value" oriented approach with organisations driven by bean counters. Guess who has the healthy, diverse product driven economy. And the winning football team.
  5. Some fair points but it's not really very constructive.
  6. I kind of agree with this. The first half against Slovakia was approaching competent. The trouble was it was against Slovakia.
  7. Scholes was our best midfielder during his time, but he wasn't world class. As I said, I have a tighter definition than most.
  8. As I'm sure we all agree "world class" is bandied about way too much. To me, it's a player who can get in a "world squad" of 24. Only "world class" player we have had in 18 years is Ashley Cole, imo. Before that we had more, and that's why we did better in tournaments then.
  9. Wilshere is the one player who does move and demand the ball - normally. Not last night though.
  10. The trouble is that if it's the players that are tactically weak, how ingrained is that from playing in a tactically brain-dead league?More of our players need to play in Italy, Germany or Spain.
  11. Agree. Particularly as the defences are typically clown college. It's not hard to create chances when the game is played at such a high pace with disorganised and stretched defences.It'd probably take us about five games to score against Italy.
  12. It's this kind of light hearted joviality that makes me proud to be an England supporter.
  13. With Sterling as with the referendum: we know the wrong decision has been made; let's just try to make the best of it.
  14. He was responding to Barry Cartman saying Sweden had lots of "great players". If you seriously think Henrik Larsson was a "great player" at the international level you are out of your mind. In the Scottish Premier League he'd probably be up there though.I'm not sure I'd call Ibrahimovic "great" in a historical sense but he was certainly entertaining, one way or the other.
  15. Maintaining possession is not about whether an individual gives the ball away. It's a team skill, the ability of a team to move to offer options to maintain possession. Wilshere, as well as being the best technically, is also the best at off the ball movement. He will come short and demand the ball, and generally look for the simpler option, while maintaining tempo. He will generally not hit dumbass cross field balls which both (1) have a higher chance of turnover and (2) lose tempo. He was not even close to being "awful" (such an overused word on this forum). If you base your opinion on how many mistakes he made in possession, yeah he made a few. But other than that he was vital, on the ball, off the ball, and he was part of the reason as to why we managed to keep good continuity during the first half.
  16. I would start with Wilshere and if he's tiring take him off. He's essential for maintaining possession, providing a level of incisiveness and varying tempo as required. He's our best midfielder (disregarding Dier's obvious importance in the defensive role).
  17. Most of those pictures look like models being placed in the stadium to pose in front of some fans, then out they go. #4 is the only one that looks real, maybe #s 5-6 also.
  18. Totally agree. In many ways we looked pretty good. I'd actually be minded to just bring Walker and Rose back in and go with the Slovakia team.
  19. I'm surprised you haven't noticed Dier. Before last night's game I thought he'd been a bit wasteful of possession in attacking positions. But last night he made more incisive passes than Alli or Rooney did.
  20. Probably get sticks thrown at me but that first half performance of England was getting close to how I want to see them play. Patient, slowly turned the screw. It helped that Slovakia had zero ambition to retain possession themselves, of course. What was off was Henderson's over and under hit crosses (he otherwise had a decent game I thought), Wilshere's few small mistakes and the fact we couldn't find that killer ball, or really unlock things. What's worrying is that this was against Slovakia, not Italy. It all fell apart as predicted when Wilshere was subbed for Rooney because the midfield ground to a halt with fewer outlets and dumbass cross field balls Rooney insists on playing. Thankfully he gave up after a few overhit ones and just decided on some long range wasted shots instead. Sturridge remains probably the main creative/flair threat upfront. It's not really running for Alli. Thought Lallana was excellent again. Vardy Lallana Sturridge Wilshere Rooney/Henderson Dier Rose Walker Smalling Cahill
  21. For me Wilshere needs to play in midfield, not behind the strikers. His movement and continuity play are too important to waste in attack and will become more important when (if) we play a decent side.
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