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  1. I used Knap's 1/2 match training schedule for the first month and BTN's complete training schedule for the rest of the year, BTN's complete training schedule does have 2 sessions of Chance Conversion and 1 of Chance Creation (link)
  2. 21.5 VF still outperforms other Knap tactics with 34/32 wins. Most of them get 28-30 wins. (Link to tested tactic)
  3. Tested a full season with 21.5 Mad as a Hatter Did decent in the league, dropped to EL and won 2 cups.
  4. Used this one: https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/451185-fm-21-fm-20-tactic-list-fm-19-recommended-tactic-list/page/356/?tab=comments#comment-12846814 Forgot to mention but it also had the best record in UCL. 3 losses only all season, just use Cautious vs good clubs AWAY and it should be fine.
  5. After 3 seasons at Sporting CP, I decided to see what Knap's tactics could achieve. Mostly Portuguese players + Esposito and Arezo. Pilgrimage 4132 - Almost perfect league record: IMGUR Album Madashatter4132p102 - Esposito gets 75 goals: IMGUR Album (be careful got 7-1'd by Lyon when playing away) 424 IF version: IMGUR Album (Bragança went ham with 27 assists, Esposito got 66 goals) 424 RMD version: IMGUR Album I think that I just don't have good enough players for the RMD players. DarksideofthemoonP106Salah75 goals: IMGUR Album
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