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  1. Thats so useful, I've probably been ignoring those hidden attributes because i dont know what to make of them but now that its been explained it definitely translates to what i'm seeing! Thanks so much, you've earned Adam Forshaw one more contract at the club!
  2. I'm now 6 years into my save with Dulwich Hamlet. First few years went off without a hitch; Season 1: Lost in playoff quarter-final (VNS) Season 2: Automatic Promotion as league winners (VNS) Season 3: Missed playoffs by a couple of points (VNL) Season 4: Lost in Playoff semi-final (VNL) Season 5: Promoted via Playoffs (VNL) And then it all went wrong... My squad was completely out of its depth in league two. My goalkeeper had the season of his life and my striker was the second top scorer in the division but they couldnt stop me from sinking without trace (i
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