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  1. I was thinking both, since his best role is a complete forward. So, you're saying that a CF only works well with an IF (or in a striker partnership perhaps)? In that case, I probably need to rethink my tactic quite a bit.
  2. I tried that already without results. Also, just because he isn't scoring goals, he shouln't be getting poor match ratings all time, should he?
  3. Here you go. I might alter tactics slightly, depending on opposition and who I pick for the starting lineup. Dyrmose is my main striker, but because he seems to be underperforming, I have tried other options. Seung-Ho is mainly played as right wing, but occasionally as striker (I tend to rotate somewhat in attack). Kern is next in line, but also used on left wing, while Terada is fourth choice, but also playing as winger sometimes.
  4. I'm mostly using a 4-2-3-1 formation, which works quite well, generally. However, the most difficult position in this formation seems to be the striker, as most goals are coming from the wings and the AMC. I play with a back four with the full backs usually on support, two MCs as DLP support and BWM defend, AML and AMR as wingers and AMC as AP, all three can be either support or defend or a combination depending on the opposition and the general team mentality I choose for the match. Complete forward is the role that most of my strikers are best suited for, though a couple are also s
  5. In FM17, is there any way to edit the languages that I, as a manager, speak?
  6. In FM17, on the player profile, the players national flag and club logo is shown on a round background with the color of the players team, like shown in the attached screenshot. Can I get rid of the circular background and just display the flag and club logo, possibly a bit larger? I think it used to be like that in pervious versions.
  7. Thanks, I'll look into that. However, I'm a bit confused about your statement that all four front players on attack duty is a problem. The game (my assman) recommends 4-5 players on attack duty for a control mentailty. If not the front four, then who? Fullbacks?
  8. I took over as manager mid-season and lifted the team from near relegation to mid table. However, this season I can't continue that form, mainly because I have suddenly stopped scoring. In my last 7 games I have scoed only 3 goals. I use the same tactics as I did last season, only minor adjustments from game to game. I use a 4-2-3-1 Wide tactic with a control mentality for matches where I'm the favorite, and a counter mentality when I'm the underdog. Look at the scrrenshots to see the details. Is there any obvious changes I should make to create more chances and score more goals
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