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  1. Always found this a bit odd really, it's such a bog standard position that you would think there would be plenty of players for it. I understand there not being many raumdeuters, for example, but WM barely has any instructions beyond 'stand on the wing'. Who plays WM in real life? As a further aside, I've always wanted to make a solid 4141 with WMs with maybe a high mentality to get players forward (like Guardiola's Man City did in FM 16). Never managed it, always found there was no penetration and my striker was always isolated.
  2. Change the right IW to winger, so that player provides width rather than the WB. Change the WB on the same side to FB-S. The FB will stay back more as there is less space for him to move into, and then you have five players for defensive cover (CB x2, FB-S, DM, and DLP also holds position). If you want to keep the WB-A/IW combo (and if they are good source of creativity/goals, you maybe should), change the CM-A to CM-S. Lower the defensive line/LOE back to normal, but not low (inviting strong teams to attack is disastrous in my experience). Change your forward to a DLF-A to help counter a
  3. In that case I suppose I would want to look for something beyond the attributes. You could try and make sure that players with good partnerships (as shown by the lines on your formation screen) play together. You could also look for the players with the strongest personality types, or try to make sure that those who train well get in the starting 11. You could look at their past performance (if the info is available) and identify who performs consistently well, who scores the most goals, etc. As for tactics, I would try and identify the best 11 using, at least at first, the assistant star
  4. Not a massive fan of any to be honest, Rashidi is probably the best. He certainly knows how to play the game, but struggles to communicate his ideas. Zealander is style over substance, and I sometimes find myself questioning how accurate some of his assertions are or why he made certain decisions.
  5. Managing a lower level Championship side is quite tough in my experience. As a fan, I always start with Sheffield Wednesday, who have financial difficulties and a points deduction to start with. I can usually keep them up, sometimes do a bit better than that, but that's about it. The game has become much more realistic over the last few years, so consider that teams like Sheffield Wednesday or Birmingham City are not expected to be promoted in the first season in real life, or indeed for quite some time (relegation is much more likely in the short term), and this is reflected in the game. Also
  6. Played a few different saves that always include Sheffield Wednesday. The media prediction always seems to be 22nd - this was the prediction in the very first season and seems to be the prediction for every subsequent season. Even after a season in the Premier League followed by relegation, the prediction for the next season is still 22nd. This doesn't seem to make sense (a recently relegated team would expect to do well, plus I know that the available players are of a good standard). Possibly there is some issue surrounding the coding of the points deduction that Sheffield Wednesday face
  7. I've been playing FM for a number of years, and I love designing new tactics, usually for my favourite team and perennial underachievers, Sheffield Wednesday. I've had some comparative success (getting the Owls out of the Championship and into the top half of the Premier League, sometimes into Europe, though the biggest prizes elude me). I feel like I understand how to put together a tactic with balance, that suits the players that I have, that has a logical consistency in terms of playing style. However, I struggle to see what is going wrong with my tactics during a match. I us
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