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  1. Sure, I will take any if it happens in future. Not sure I took last night and hadn't actually seen the feature before.
  2. Is this new? Did it ever work? Yesterday after the update I noticed one of my appalling players (Hanibal - on loan) had scored 3 goals so I clicked on international match report then goals in the top right. Just a green screen. Tried it on two other matches - same.
  3. I don't see it mentioned but that is surprising! Yesterday I paused my game while beating Premiership team in the cup. Hours later I come back and an update was taking place. My game restarted before the cup game so I played again and lost. No issue played again and beat 4-1 .....random... Anyway that isn't an ideal way for an update is it? First thing I notice is that someone has thought it a good idea to improve the almost unworkable controller pointer system to a even closer (patience needed) to unworkable system - it is now shocking! How do I change it to a better speed?
  4. Hi, after my last issues the same thing has happened again. I got rid of Ray Lewington and paid his termination fee. New Assistant came in. I noticed a few weeks later (could have been from day 1) that the reports were provided by Lewington. I went into Staff re screen shown on other posters post and I had two assistant managers. I terminated his contract (cost), moved forward a day and new assistant managers name on report - don't agree with either of their opinions and the scouting is a joke - latest assistant thinks Harry Kane would be a great buy and buy him at any price - what with t
  5. another one missing a scroll is the transfer page. When you set sell for any price. The option at the bottom re DofF set min acceptable price is not accessible - work around - accept and now it is accessible so enter value and press y
  6. happened again but now I'm looking out for it i'm not sure same issue. This time it happened after loading a saved game. Could not get the sound back without exiting CM21 - same error didn't happen when I "think" I did the same thing. Not much help I know.
  7. personally I find control to be basic at very least. Sure I could come up with better and consistant design. You probably have the pointer over the drop down menu which cause it to jump. I find using up and down and double clicking left stick (focus on menu) then hitting y to be the best way . Loaning players is a faf - again using 3 lines on controller and again using cursor is best, Reading on here seems to show a lot use a mouse with Xbox - never tried it.
  8. I think it used to do this years ago when I played on PC...... not sure Is it a bug or just my misunderstanding? Playing the game watching with highlights, scenario something along lines of you score, jump up, quickly flashes up disallowed. You then watch the reply and think that was onside. Then admit to self ok it was offside (no var var) . The commentary then says "that was close to offside!" No it was offside as in terms of commentating. Should it say that was very close to onside or oh i'm not sure about that offside decision? One thing is for certain, after a close c
  9. ok, I realise I wasn't going to win anyway! Scored in 93 min (shown as 90+3) , highlights went to kick off where I sat there thinking come on we might nick this but then......after waiting for them to take kick off - has it crashed? No some clown is jumping up and down at dugout. Whistle goes 97th min!
  10. Hi, i know it doesn't do it at half time - because the sound plays in the background. Will get back to you - when I work out the steps needed to replicate.
  11. It has happened a number of times now. I pause the game and when I come back to it, there is no (crowd) sound. Going into preferences, match (match sounds obviously ticked) , play test does not work. Sound on Xbox is working fine i.e. when I save the game to exit re this bug. I then start a fresh FM21 and load the game and the sound is back,
  12. For a whole season I knew pre game the TV commentry was going to say my team had not conceded while N Philips in team - if only! Only just found the forum but can give exact details if needed later.
  13. yep I get that, not sure their condition is really set back to 100% but the graphic shows like yours and can't do player instructions.
  14. Hi, I've joined up after thinking there must be a forum (played this decades ago on pc) to report all these bugs. Yep, I have the same issue mentioned. I manage Stockport County and hired an assistant manager which I later got rid of by employing another ass man. New recommendations came through with old managers name - they were terrible recommendations so I think the search was old managers and not just a text error - also cost me his compensation again to get rid. Not at Xbox but names and dates can be given if needed later,
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