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  1. I knew that it was a mess in real life aswell, which is why I wasn't sure it's even a bug. But after reading this it's probably even worse then I thought, so it could actually be quite realistic in the game. But seriously what is the owners and boards doing? So many former Serie A teams with a history over 100 years just folding and rebranded. I would be furious if I were a fan of one of these teams. But what I find strange in the game is that every single Serie C team start off the game with a positive balance, all between 500k to 2M euros and after just one season most of the teams turned this into at least 1M euros in the negatives.
  2. @Ed Hewison Hey, I have uploaded my save with the name "italy serie b & c poor finances". Out of the 78 teams in total in B+C, 41 of them are insecure and 1 is in debt. Many of the teams with okay finances are in the negatives aswell but not too big enough yet to be tagged at insecure. I took over a few teams with the bigger debts and the pattern is the same for all of them. Wage budgets are way too high to cover for the income and the boards are constantly putting in money, but can't catch up. Don't know if the sponsorship money is too low compared to real life or if it's the salaries that's too high in game.
  3. Thank you so much for doing this every year. It adds so much to the game and the leagues runs better than the SI created ones most of the times. If you tell me how to donate to you I would. Also a small request, if you are going to edit Sweden please have a look at the scheduling. It's been bugged for years and SI don't care to fix it. Too long international breaks and fixture congestion all over the place because of it.
  4. The schedule for allsvenskan have been broken for the last 4 years and SI won't bother to fix it, I have reported it for the last 3 years or something. Shame, I just want to enjoy a save in my home nation but it's been impossible for me when you can play 12 games in one month and 2 games in the next one.
  5. Hey, almost all of the Serie B and Serie C teams are completely broke after 1-2 seasons. I know many teams in Italy are struggling in real life aswell but is it really this bad? Most of the teams are on a positive balance when you start the game.
  6. Hey, thanks for creating something quite different, but is the european qualification working properly? After the first season it seems that it was just Swansea that got its spot properly. Cardiff won the Welsh cup but didn't get europa league. Same with Rangers for Scotland and Bournemouth for England. The same non english teams got the europa spots for the second season as for the first apart from Swansea<->TNS. Also for some reason all non english teams got the tv money from PL so they got insanely rich.
  7. So I have done some simming and I noticed this happening. Might be something that could happen IRL, even though I think it's too late for that now. But to see it in FM is really weird and to Morocco of all places? Would make more sense to put it somewhere that have the resources already to plan for a World Cup in just 5 years.
  8. While this is a quite nice problem to have, it's not very realistic to have 0-1 players injured at the same time during a whole NHL season. Just look at the RL injury list: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/injuries Players seems way to fit after playing games in game and goalies can play all 82 no problem. Backups should get at least around 20 games.
  9. Cheers, does this affect the playoffs aswell? Theres no back to backs in the playoffs but all teams play on the same day which would never happen IRL.
  10. Hey, not sure if anything actually have been changed in the game since the 07 version and maybe you are already aware of this and working on it. World Cup Will take place between from 17 sep - 1 oct 2016 in Toronto. Teams entering: Canada, USA, Sweden, Russia, Finland, Czech Republic and 2 "all-star" teams with a U23 Canadian/USA mix up and a team filled with players from nations not participating can be selected. The format is 2 groups of 4 teams where top 2 goes to semi-final. The final is played in a best of 3. The tournament is planned to take place every 4 years. World Championship Now features 2 groups of 8 teams where teams play each other once in a total of 7 games. Top 4 teams in each group qualifies for Quarter Final and the bottom in each group are relegated to WC D1 Group A. The WC D1 is actually 2 tiers unlike in the game. The top 2 from Group A will be promoted to the next years main tournament. The bottom is relegated to Group B. The top team from Group B promoted to Group A and the bottom relegated to D2 Group A. I also noticed theres a lot of national teams that never plays a game. Would be nice to include D2 for them to get some games, although maybe the attributes are too low for those players to make it relevant or balanced in game. U20 JWC This looks to be updated, although under D1 theres just a Group A and Group B is missing, but I suspect this is intentional.
  11. Hey, first off awesome that EHM is back, thank you! After having a bit of a look around I noticed that the schedule for NHL seemed very weird, at least for my Hawks. There was 2 triple back to backs in november and 4 games on 4 days in december. Take a look at this late nov-early dec schedule. http://i.imgur.com/AXgW0gs.png
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