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  1. So in the end they lost the Champions league final to Madrid and the FA cup final to Man united so they had to settle for 4 trophies in the end
  2. Fair enough, they're utterly dominating my save, hopefully they will be less successful in future seasons and things will even out so the trophies are shared out more
  3. Of course it is unrealistic, like you've said already, Bayern done that over two seasons not one. Any team winning 6 trophies in one season in unrealistic, Liverpool have never done it in their entire history so yeah definitely unrealistic Imo
  4. Anyone else's save have Liverpool as ridiculously dominant on FM21? I'm in my second season and I'm in the championship so it doesn't affect me too much but it's still annoying, I have noticed that in the first season Liverpool won the prem and a cup, but in the second season they have won the premier league, league cup, super cup and community shield and they're in the champions league final and the fa cup final too. So basically they're going to win 6 trophies in one season it's not realistic and it's annoying even though I'm not yet in the prem.
  5. Excellent that makes sense thank you, tbh it did cross my mind to switch him to a support mezzala instead and would also make sense with a DLP on the other side and a WBa. The main reason I am so keen on a mezzala is because I have been playing my MCR as an AP most of the season in a wide 4231 and he has done well, then I played a narrow 433 with him as a mezzala(his best suited pos) and he got 100% pass accuracy and 2 assists and of course MOTM so naturally I am trying to fit that in to my style of play now. Plus I like the thought of 3 strikers. The issue I had was the exposure of my w
  6. Thank you for your advice, is there any way of working the tactic with a MEZ in there at all? The issue I have is that I have 3 players in midfield who can play multiple roles but their preferred and best role is MEZ plus I really like it as a role so I was hoping to implement that somehow. Thanks
  7. Would anyone be able to give me their opinions and ideas on the best roles to use with a 4-3-3 narrow formation with 3 forwards and no wingers. This is what I feel would work best - AFa DLFs AFa MEZs CMd MEZa WBs CDd BPDd WBs SKd The only issue I have with this one is that the right side can be a bit exposed. But I like it other than that and feel like it covered pretty much all areas of the pitch. I'm pretty set with PI and TI's so it's just getting some advice on roles really and opinions on it. Thanks
  8. Was he still really young in your Birmingham save? He has got excellent potential. Maybe I'll just use the money on a quality AM instead.
  9. Yeah man I still have him, but he is only 18 and I play him upfront but also on occasion as an inside forward in attack on the left. He is excellent there for me too, he got 12 league one goals last season but cause he is still young I dont want him to have the pressure of scoring all my goals so I want a solid experienced championship striker to go with him
  10. Can anyone suggest me a player for the below? Position: ST Role: Advanced Forward Team: Peterborough Championship Available budget: £2m, wages no issue Season: start of season 2 Additional information/requirements : excellent goalscorer
  11. Maximum of 5 in one season, so even if they've gone back you can't loan anyone else until the season has officially ended and a new season has started. So basically you have to wait until the end of season review is done with and the stats are reset and a new season has started officially.
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