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  1. Having overlap left on with your tactic is pointless btw, cause on the left your IW is on attack duty so you're basically asking him to look for overlaps from the WB when he is trying to attack the box and play higher up the pitch, not to mention a WB on support will naturally overlap anyway. I would also suggest adjusting your lines. I play with short passing and high tempo but I play with a higher defensive line and a much higher line of engagement and it works well for me. If you're playing with a high tempo you're going to need to keep more space upfront for your attackers to use, so
  2. You have way too many players on attack duty for the style you want to play. If you're playing a low tempo possession game then you will need more support roles. You currently have too many players attacking with not enough players to supply them with chances to score. I play 433 and score goals for fun on my current save but I play higher tempo football so not sure it will help you with the style you want but I'm currently using this - SKd WBs CDd CDd WBs DLPd CMs BWMs IFa PFa IFs TI - Balanced Shorter passing, play out of defence, pas
  3. Amazing work @majesticeternity and I love the mods, I've been finding the game too easily recently, got promoted to the premier league within 3 season with league one Peterborough with hardly any budget so using just loans, I ended up getting bored with it, so I'm so glad to have these mods to make it more challenging One thing I have noticed with the Smarter AI is that I have never seen a team score more than 4 goals in a game. I have simmed 4 seasons so far just to make sure I'm happy with all the mods I have chosen and i have looked through scores and fixtures for the top 5 leagues. I'
  4. Thank you for your advice, I've just always been a fan of possession football that's all, any suggestions on what instructions to use? Maybe higher tempo, positive mentality, higher LOE and take off work ball in to the box?
  5. Thank you for your reply, tbh I thought that too, his favoured role is IW but then his crossing isn't good so that's why I went for IF. The problem I have is that Pogba's traits don't really allow him to play DLP either as he has traits such as "gets into opposition area" which contradict the role. Tbh I think until I can buy some of my own players and have a proper influence on the team I have it is going to be difficult as United's players dont work together all that well overall. That's good advice thank you, I have now just put Fernandes central AMs and Martial central too caus
  6. Yeah I'd prefer to keep the option of him shooting from distance as he has attributes that suit it and it's a big strength of his. That's a really good point actually, I will definitely need to keep an eye on how well the space in front of the defence is exploited If I do switch to SS. A wide AP was something I did think about but I don't really have the players for that currently, I will definitely try a couple things and see how it goes
  7. Thank you for your reply, tbh I do get what you're saying with the slow build up, my first choice up top would be Cavani but he is injured for two months so my only options up top are Martial or Greenwood really. But I'm keen on playing a slow build up and possession game as I think the roles and players best suit that kind of play. Thank you I'll change Neres to IF and Rashford to IW and see how that goes the reason haven't chosen Fernandes in the AP role is because I know shoot less often is hard-coded in to that role and I want to encourage him to shoot, also I don't think he is as
  8. Hi, just wanted to get some advice on this tactic. It's a 4231 but the idea is to create more of a 424 in attack so that Fernandes becomes not only a creative threat but also a goalscoring threat too! I've only played 2 league games but It seems to be working well and Fernandes has played well. However Rashford on the left has been my worst player in both games and pretty ineffective. Also the AF hasn't done too much either. Just wondering if there is anything I could tweak to get the best out of all the attacking players? Thanks
  9. I really don't think any of those things are unrealistic though, okay yeah delegating training is unrealistic but if you actually look at training even though it is delagated to the assistant manager the game actually recognises you as still participating in training and you can choose what parts of training you would lead even though the overall training is done by the assistant. How can you say it is unrealistic to manage a team as your first manager job, it happens all the time in football, lower league and bigger clubs. Rooney's first job is Derby, Lampard's at Derby, Gerrard's at Ra
  10. How is Bruno doing in this setup? I've recently started a United save too and I'm currently experimenting to try and get the best out of Bruno. This is something I could try so just curious
  11. League one teams can sign as many players on loan as they like, however they can only have a maximum of 5 loanees in the match day squad for each game
  12. So in the end they lost the Champions league final to Madrid and the FA cup final to Man united so they had to settle for 4 trophies in the end
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