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  1. Same issue here, happens quite often and ruins the whole save. As fas as I can tell the other text says "Unknown" in every field. Already deleted but still not working: C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\Caches C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\Preferences With new save everything is fine. Here is my savegame where the error is happening. https://sispnet.de/fm21/error_save.zip
  2. Yeah, it does not work unfortunately...this force refresh entry is already there in the "tactics icon info panel overview.xml".
  3. Did anyone find a solution for the issue of icons not refreshing instantly?
  4. @michaeltmurrayuk I could not find anything in the "state-fm-Pitch-match_console_panel", the file did not even get re-created after deleting and re-loading the game. Funny enough, all panel states were still the same/were still saved. However, removing the widget from the nep2 file actually worked, it instantly set itself to what I set as default_item. Since I don't intent to use mgup in the nep2, this is good enough for me.
  5. @michaeltmurrayuk Even with default skin it is still the same, having the panels folder directly extracted into the "...\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021" folder. What I noticed though is that no matter if I clear the cache or even use reset -> all, the positions/settings of the widgets/panels are still saved/the same as before. So my question would be where these things actually are getting saved/cached? @NCFCRossky I had the same issue for the team stats panel. In "match team stats full top.xml" and "match team stats full bottom.xml" at line 30, I set the value
  6. I have to correct myself, it was not the "feed" view/widget: So in the nep2 panel, no matter what I choose there, it will always go back to "mgup" aka "match_goal_update_panel". default_item is "prmC" but it does not really matter what I set there, I tried several other widgets, it will always go back to "mgup". I have searched through all files with notepad++ for the keyword mgup to see if it might have been set somewhere else but there is basically nothing that would interfere. mgup is not being mentioned in any other file than these listed in the screenshot. match touchline ta
  7. I really can't believe that this is not yet under review. This is so obvious...you just need to play the game in any way, shape or form to reproduce this. I see it in every game multiple times.
  8. On the left side the match stats bar (nep2) always jumps to Latest Event Updates when I want it to stay on Focus of Attacks or Shots. edit, only one issue remaining: "default_view" is adapted to the panels I want to have everywhere where I have these issues. "dont_restore_selection" and "save_session_state" are both set to true everywhere where I have these issues. For example in "match touchline tablet slot nep2.xml": <!--in-between highlights summary panel--> <widget class="match_view_selector_panel" id="nep2" pause_match_on_menu_opening="false" default_item="foa
  9. Which skin does it use, can you name some? edit: looks like https://www.fmscout.com/a-tangfu-fm21-skin.html has it. I would also like to know how to manually add the percentages not only into the player details page and in the match in between highlights panel but also into the standard tactic/squad overview pages.
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