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  1. Better manager interaction, even for Champions League and UEFA Cup matches. More feedback on what goes on in the world, which manager got sacked - who replaced him... clubs mega transfers, achievements... etc. NO! more stupid & repetitive media interaction, players over-reacting on it. Simple tactics system, smarter AI transfer policy and chosing of the first 11, better feedback from assistant managers, training that actually means something (drop sliders for both tactics & training). More recognition and respect for the manager's achievements, easier to get on the clubs favoured personal. To put it simple, BRING BACK the fun into the game.
  2. I must say that I am really surprised after seeing so many people still enjoy FM08... ...from what I have read in the forums, it was ranked as the bigest failure, and for some reason I have some of the best careers on this version... Glad to see so many people love this version, like I do....
  3. Goran Pandev is good in real life too. Just go to YouTube and see some of his game (especialy write "Pandev Una Magia"). He's no god, but he's an awesome player (Real Madrid wanted to sign him, scored twice against them in CL).
  4. why there are no patches for FM08 in the download section at sports interactive? I currently have it patched with 8.0.2, but want to play with the 8.0.1 database... I suppose the 8.0.1 database is the one from the start of the season, and the 8.0.2 contains the january transfers? Or am I wrong...?
  5. I'm still playing FM08... because my computer is too slow to go on FM09... but I found FM08 after the 8.0.2 to be quite good game... regens aren't all that bad, it's an OK game. After reading all those praises for FM07, tried to get back to it, but somehow couldn't don't know realy why... The bad side of FM08 is the TRANSFER SYSTEM... somehow it's not very logic what transfer the AI makes... and the fact that a couple of seasons in the game it's virtually imposible to get a star player under $90 000 000.
  6. Although I had a great game on FM08 with AC Milan, wining a lot... found two great tactics (442 at home and 451 for away)... had bags of money, I got around... I think 2014, and the transfers became imposible... mediocre players had a "sell price" (checked out on Genie Scout) like 70-80 millions. Like I said I had bags of money but I did not wanted to pay 50 millions for a sub-player. From reading your posts I saw that this isn't the case in FM07. I'll check it out.
  7. From the look of it... it's like the FM07 is the new CM 01/02
  8. wooow... you're like sooooo... funny!!! ...way to go, keep that spirit! oh... by the way... in your first quote, you better quote the whole sentence. it goes like... "From reading all your posts, FM07 it's better than FM08 & FM09 because:" *pay attention in the future, don't only read/quote what suits your vanity. bye now, gotta go... and if you don't want to participate in this thread, do me a favour and please don't.
  9. Don't know about 09 because I haven't played it yet... but, it beats (big-time) the one in 08. How about the other points, what do you think... are they true?
  10. So to sum it up (after quite a long time, but better than opening a new thred)... From reading all your posts, FM07 it's better than FM08 & FM09 because: 1. It's user friendly and for it's pick up and play nature 2. Runs smoothly 3. Has good match engine 4. Better transfer, confidence and scouting system 5. For it's regens and therefore the posibility of long-term games 6. Tactics implementation (last, but not least...) So, feel free to post some more... whether you agree or disagree with the above written.
  11. Does the patch 7.2.0 also contains the 7.0.1 changes...? I think it does, but just to check. And why when I install the FMC Graphic Pack 2.0 the game becomes very, very slow. The "black screen" before the main menu takes about 4-5 minutes to load. Before it was only like a minute.
  12. ok... this maybe a silly question... but what does "ME" means... I noticed on some posts like the last one "7.2’s ME had it’s irritations..."... so can anyone tell me?
  13. Wow, thankjs guys for the many replies on my thread... It really got some things cleared up for me about FM2007... I haven't bought FM09. because I still play 08 with some great add-ons like kits, facepacks, logos etc... It's a really important thing for me to have those things in a game... but after reading all these replies from all of you I really want to get back and see if I'll enjoy it as much as you did/are... If only I could find some kind of superpack to download the kits, logos, facepacks... the ones on sortitoustsi don't work.
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