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  1. ...over 2 hours and not a single reply?!?
  2. OK first of all, I am still playing Football Manager 2008 but I assume that it's no different in terms of this issue. To get to the point, I want to start a new game (let's say 20+ seasons) and I want to make sure that I get plenty of good regens to keep the game realistic and playable. Will the "Load all players from.." option ensure good amount of regens from the selected country? I don't want to fully load many leagues that I have no interest to manage in. For example I only want to manage in England, Italy, Spain and Germany. But I want to get good regens from South America, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia etc. So is it good to load as playable only the previously mentioned leagues with "Load all players from.." countries that come from the regions also previously mentioned? Can you give me some advice from your own experience and knowledge?
  3. Oooh, like in FM07 then...? So I better un-tick it, I always hated it. Thanks mate, cheers!
  4. Well I'm not proud for admiting this, but yesterday when I installed FM08 on another computer I noticed in preferences "Matchday experience" is ticked... and I guess I've always played like that. So, what happens if I untick it... what does it stand for? Sorry if this is stupid question with an obvious answer.
  5. Why is FM2007 so popular..???

    5 4 3 2 1 ...bump!
  6. Five days and only one post on the subject...?
  7. Better manager interaction, even for Champions League and UEFA Cup matches. More feedback on what goes on in the world, which manager got sacked - who replaced him... clubs mega transfers, achievements... etc. NO! more stupid & repetitive media interaction, players over-reacting on it. Simple tactics system, smarter AI transfer policy and chosing of the first 11, better feedback from assistant managers, training that actually means something (drop sliders for both tactics & training). More recognition and respect for the manager's achievements, easier to get on the clubs favoured personal. To put it simple, BRING BACK the fun into the game.
  8. Well after reading quite threads on this forum I often see many people saying that if FM08 has the same database as FM09 they would go back to it. Others say, though not many, that the FM09 is the best edition so far and that they're having tons of fun. I can say that on FM08 had one of the best career games since FM started in 2005. But having a poor PC I cant try out the FM09, and I cant say that my view/vote would be objective. I know that many people like FM07, and if I put it in this mix it would win. I just wanna know between the last two editions. So feel free to have your say, and I'm quite interested "who wins".
  9. I haven't played FM in ages

    I try to motivate myself also to get back to the game, and get that special feeling I got in the "old days", when the game was more fun. I think that the complicated tactics system and tons of features that are only cosmetic and anoyingly repetitive ruined the game. I too hope that the new CM will be something that we all ask from SI for years to be done in the FM. Or at least to chalenge this game, so Sega/SI get the message we are trying to send them. FM is showing it's signs of slow extinction, there's time for this to be changed, but... it remains to be seen.
  10. Board Message

    I don't get it ???
  11. Maybe they are going to put leather seats with arm&feet-rests and a mini-bar in each one. You know, for the most loyal fans.
  12. Totaly agree! Especialy with the last sentence. But it would be good idea, as soon as SI gets the game right on release (OK, maybe one patch is allowed).
  13. Thanks mate, think I understood you good. If there's any more on the subject, I'll contact you. Cheers!
  14. does this thing about the instalments also apply on previous FM's... like 07 or 08...? From what I understood, it's like everytime you sell a player... half goes to balance, the other half goes to transfer budget. The only difference here with instalments, half of the sum you get right away, and it also splits between balance and transfer budget, as do the rest of the money, they will split but over the next 6, 12, 24 months. Also I thought that if you try to buy a player on 24 instalments, you only need to have 1/4 or 1/3 of the sum in your transfer budget. I think that I once bought a player on 24 instalments and it removed far less than 1/2 of the transfer value from the transfer budget. That was on FM08, that's why I am asking if this thing only applies on FM09.
  15. Yes, that would be great! The fact that I am suggesting this is because I see many people complain about the "quality" of the newgens. I have no problem with the newgens, but as Mwralha stated above it would be a nice thing to put an option at the beggining "NEWGENS" / "REGENS". With the regens, you know that you will have your "favourite" player, and that with the right nurturing he will fulfill his potential. The second reason why I want this option is because when you start the game and you see some old player who used to be great and you say to yourself "Oooh, I wish I could have him in my squad at his prime". Like let's say Shevchenko, you wish you could have him like he was at Milan (the first time!). Well you just wait a couple of seasons, he retires, and then you wait for some headline in the news section that some youngster is getting everybody on their feet with his game and he's touted to be the next Sheva. And I'll say again, they don't have to be right everytime, there are a lot of examples IRL that we're touted as the next XXXXX, but it turned out that it was only for that season or similar.