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  1. Whenever I go visit family, even if for just a few hours, I usually take my laptop with me.
  2. 1. I'd like to see a commnetator. Not throughout the whole game. But maybe after a goal or during a penalty shootout. Have a spanish guy in the South Ameican leagues do the "goooaaaallll", or something like that. 2. Maybe not 3d, but a little bit more detail to graphics would be nice. Such as stadiums. When you move from your 10000 seat stadium to youre new 25000 stadium I wanna feel it. 3. Still not enough options in the media. Still can't recommend a plyer to his national team. Still not enough interactions with the players. 4. Enough English leagues for chrsit sake. They got 6 already. Add some more Spanish and Italian or German Leagues. That would be nice. 5. England still Overrated. In most saves you look down the list of Champions League Winners and it looks more like the F.A. Cup. Also, England playing beutifully and winning the world and euro cup every other taurnament. Youre getting a laugh. 6. English players overrated as well. Most english players in the prem have technique of above 15. Youre getting another laugh. Theres probably more but not that I can think of. Will continue the list tommorow.
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