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  1. Second season finished with us winning 4 of the 5 available trophies: Lost the FA Cup final in a fluke result to Burnley of all teams! Won the Premier League finishing 15 points ahead of second place Won the Champions League beating Atletico in the final (at Atletico's ground!) Won the Carabao Cup beating Leicester in the final Won the Community Shield beating Man City. Only signings I made (apart from youth prospects) were Arkadiusz Milik as a backup option to Lukaku and Mesut Ozil on a free transfer. Lukaku top scorer with 33 in all comps, Milk with 22 behind him. Player of the season was Pogba who excelled in a BBM role. POTY from my first season, Mkhitaryan, was kept out of the team by Jesse Lingard, who was undroppable and our assist king. Played the same tactic (4231) and mentality (standard) all season home and away, adjusting only minor details in game accordingly. First time I've ever kept my tactics this simple and it definitely worked! Think I will carry on into season 3 at some stage and try to bring through more youth players and let some of those players entering their 30s go. However, might split the save and resign and take a smaller job elsewhere - at times this season felt a little too easy like the game was on cruise control for me (not bragging, but it's not fun when it's not a challenge!)
  2. He's been starting most league games. I play him and Bailly together usually, he hit a run of form and I couldn't justify dropping him - would be gutted to lose him on a free. He's currently in the Argentina squad - just presume they don't start him much, annoyingly. The next international window is in March I think so maybe if he gets a game then I'll be able to get him a permit?!
  3. I'm mid-way through the second season. Trying to renew Marcos Rojo's contract but he's had a work permit rejected as he's not played enough recent international games for Argentina. Is there anything I can do to get around this or am I going to have to let him go on a free at the end of the season? I read that if you make a player one of your top earners they get granted a permit, is this true? Cheers guys!
  4. Well after a really bad start to the season with some tactics teething problems, first season ends with us winning the Premier League and FA Cup (as well as the UEFA Super Cup). Got to be pleased as I made zero transfers in or out (always like to keep the squad the same as IRL for first season). Best player was Mkhitaryan with 19 goals and 16 assists in all competitions. Played him as a Winger (s) on the right and would've been lost without him in all honesty. Struggled to get the best out of Pogba but his performances and goal threat improved towards the end of the season when I switched him to a box to box role with a 'get further forward' PI. Likewise struggled with Lukaku but had more success when playing him as an Advanced Forward towards the end. Despite winning trophies we often struggled at home, drawing 0-0 with Watford, Bournemouth and Brighton, completely unable to break them down as they just came and parked the bus. Need to sort that out next season (any advice welcome) as it was touch and go at times with the title going down to the penultimate match. Embarrassingly got dumped out of the Champions League in the QFs by Tottenham of all teams, they beat us 5-1 on aggregate (went overload in desperate search for an equaliser and got hit on the break a lot late on.) So room for improvement in Europe for sure. League table for those interested. Not happy about goal difference but a large part of that is our failure to hammer smaller teams at home - any tips?!
  5. Hi guys, Approaching the end of my first season and I've noticed that, when I go on my schedule, I can't see the line-ups or enter the match analysis section of games that happened earlier in the season (August, September). I know that the game doesn't store all the info forever but I'm sure on previous FMs you could view the analysis for every game that season, and it was just the previous seasons that became off limits?
  6. Interesting. Who are you playing in the no.10 position behind him? (and what role?) cheers!
  7. How are you playing Lukaku mate? I've tried him as a TM(A) and Poacher but not having much luck with either!
  8. Bit of a random one but has anyone else found that United never wear their 3rd kit (the grey one) on this game? Can't think of a single time we've worn it - we're wearing all black away at Bournemouth for some reason!
  9. Struggling to get the best out of any player who plays in the no. 10 role in my 4-2-3-1. Have used both Mata and Pogba there as AP(s), but neither average ratings are great and neither have an assist to their name yet (and we're in January!) All my assists seem to come from crosses, which is fine, but I do want my no. 10 to also threaten and have a goal threat. Any ideas?
  10. For some reason I just can't score goals at home in the league...recent results: United 0-0 Bournemouth United 0-0 Watford United 0-1 Newcastle Really shocking, having 20+ shots a game but only a handful on target, just can't find a way to break teams down despite taking on board the advice above. Sat in 7th in the league, only played 15 and already lost 4 and drawn 4 overall. Sack incoming I feel...
  11. That's interesting, cheers! Do you find you create enough without any playmakers in the side away from home? Pogba as box to box could be an idea... What about mentality? I've tried control but don't seem to be creating many goalscoring chances, usually just end up having long shots from outside the box.
  12. What tactic(s) did you use? im trying to get a 4-2-3-1 going but struggling deciding on the right roles for the CMs and also the right role for Lukaku up front, any suggestions?
  13. Hi guys, trying to get a long term united save up and running but having some initial problems early on. got us playing quite nice, fluid atttacking football but really struggling to break teams down who come and sit behind the ball. For example I just drew 0-0 at home to Watford, having 22 shots (12 on target). I have work ball into box turned on, and try to play at a high tempo. Any suggestions for breaking down defensive opposition? Cheers!
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