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  1. 21 hours ago, Marc Vaughan said:

    Would you mind forwarding that save to me please as I'd like to take a look.


    Here's my save file. 


    One more thing is, B team player are still benefit from coaches at my first team. As soon as they're able to participate in the lowest division available on the game, the specialty coaches don't give them any benefit.

    12 hours ago, StephenCronin said:

    Thanks! I guess I don't understand what B teams really are, I just thought they had a different name and played fixtures! LoL at my ignorance! 😄 But yeah, if they can be made as close as possible to Reserves for all those little things, that would be fantastic!

    Since the Reserves overhaul last year (ie they play fixtures now), I find that youngsters develop nicely in the Reserves. So I actually use the Reserves now - I buy more youngsters and bring them through that way. But when I go to Spain or Holland or one of the B-Team countries, I get a bit frustrated with the B-Team limitations and always end up going back to a smaller squad in the first team and not using the second team. 


    Some team in Spain/Portugal/Dutch/Belgium/etc can participate on the league system. I really like that cause it gives young player a taste of real competition be like. 



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