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  1. Thank you. But how can I improve Young Player Personality?
  2. 1st question: what does motivational coach do exactly? 2nd question: what can I do to improve club culture except signing player with positive effect to my club culture? Does Motivational Coach have anything on this?
  3. I set my assistant coach as a manager for my B team, but the Manager is a Youth Coach from somewhere else. Not even from my team
  4. Hi! Here's my save file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KPh7f19ECRjEQZPd5qFwaBY-mPtezBlz/view?usp=drivesdk One more thing is, B team player are still benefit from coaches at my first team. As soon as they're able to participate in the lowest division available on the game, the specialty coaches don't give them any benefit. Some team in Spain/Portugal/Dutch/Belgium/etc can participate on the league system. I really like that cause it gives young player a taste of real competition be like.
  5. I currently am managing a team in Portugal. The main reason is they allowing B team playing at lower divisions. But I always have a report saying "Need Improved Specialty Coaching." Does this mean first team coach and B team coach do not share? If so can we somehow make it possible to hire extra coaches for B team on the next edition?
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