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  1. Super_Kev

    What was on TV the Day you were born.

    19.15 : The Great Egg Race Presented by Professor Heinz Wolff Reaching the Heights In which it transpires yet again that the world is mad and only the Egg Race is sane. Heinz takes the programme to Germany to find teams who will race over an obstacle course with the parts of a very tall structure. Finally, to riotous applause, they hoist three flags. Meanwhile the giant egg reaches its goal in The Incredible Egg Machine, with Lesley Judd. Only the salt and pepper have yet to be added. Guest judge Peter Schiller Director PATRICK TITLEY Producer CHARLES HUFF 1984 on BBC2 was a bit mental.
  2. Super_Kev


    1. Creme Egg 2. Malteser 3. Toblerone 4. Twix 5. Galaxy 6. Dairy Milk I always eat from least favourite to favourite chocolate.
  3. Super_Kev

    Safari help for a noob please

    Had an issue like this on my Dell Laptop. It ended up being an issue with smooth scrolling. Disable it in your mouse properties (disables smooth scrolling in all programs) or select safari as a program that does not scroll correctly. Both, or at least one, of these options should be under Control Panel --> Mouse
  4. Super_Kev

    TV Series You Are Currently Watching

    Started watching The Americans last night. Really enjoyed the first episode. so hoping to fly through it and clear some room from my Sky box to allow me to start Breaking Bad, House of Cards and OITNB on Netflix.
  5. Super_Kev

    Who are you listening to RIGHT THIS SECOND?!

    Arctic Monkeys - Snap Out Of It http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHoSRT2fNME Never really been a big fan at all, but the whole AM album is brilliant.
  6. Super_Kev

    Internet won't connect

    Do you get the same in Safe Mode with Networking ? Have you checked to make sure that its not some weird conflict between Windows and the dongle software, managing your internet connection?
  7. Super_Kev

    Job Application Help

    4 2&5 7 6 8 1 3 4 could be moved to after 6 (depending on location), but I'd rather deliver 4 (before 9am) rather than the big drop on the Redfield Industrial Estate which includes some after 9am deliveries.
  8. Super_Kev

    Ctrl + V

    Mine is a photo of my sister and her mate on holiday on Australia. I have no ctrl + v text
  9. Super_Kev

    Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2

    My Tesco pre-order just arrived despite saying 'to be despatched' on the order update page. Also received two copies despite cancelling one and them refunding my bank account.
  10. Super_Kev

    Primary and Secondary Sources

    Definitely secondary.
  11. Super_Kev

    iTunes refuses to leave my laptop.

    I've had problems with administrator rights when removing iTunes in the past. (all be it on a windows vista machine) Easiest solution I found was: 1.Go to Control Panel --> Users --> Disable User Account Control (UAC). 2. Restart your machine 3. Try un-installing iTunes again 4. Turn UAC back on 5. Restart machine
  12. Super_Kev

    Byzantium Tests

    Just completed the first 20 questions and was utterly confused. The results are spookily accurate though.
  13. Super_Kev

    Your final thoughts on the London 2012 Olympic Games

    After the football season finished I was massively looking forward to Euro 2012 and was not bothered by the Olympics at all. Thought it was all a big waste of money and couldn't see myself watching much of it. Enjoyed the Euro's but at the time I remember thinking that they didn't really provide any memorable moments. Fast-forward to the Olympic opening ceremony, (which I only decided to watch at the last minute). Thought the ceremony was remarkable and the BBC coverage of the two weeks was tremendous. I've spent 16 days since completely immersed in some events I've never watched in my life before. Highlights for me, from a Team GB point of view, would be everything that happened in the Veledrome, Mo, Jessica Ennis, Laura Trott, Kat Copeland and all the rowing medals. Never in a million years did I think I would watch dressage, synchronised swimming, gymnastics, or taekwondo, and enjoy it. Genuinely sad its all over and I really hope it does 'inspire a generation'.