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  1. yeah, the game says its 24.4 version so i am correct version, which is good i dont have to verify my editor files?
  2. okay thanks for the info so i am good to continue save game?
  3. Hello my game version is still 24.3 what should i do get latest update?
  4. Hi, ykkösliiga is missing from database, this should be added soon as possible. i think its reported but i will report again..
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finnish_football_league_system you want to make that? its actually quite easy actually, level 2 is missing.
  6. Can you make Finlands new format now ykkösliiga is missing. SI havent added it so it have to make it.
  7. I am using yours and qwert2 files to complete my database. now 172 divisions. is editor broken or why tenshi wants donate?
  8. hi i need finland new format https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finnish_football_league_system there are couple on steam but they are old versions and misses ykkösliiga, anyone would do it?
  9. okay i belive i found those from fmscout, now i have 177 leagues, btw finland is missing new ykkösliiga is old format
  10. I am missing Irak and Jordan then my database is complete,
  11. i am looking for Moldova and Montenegro. that would be nice if someone will make those countries. then i have all european countries.
  12. still wont work but si is looking it now...
  13. Hi, i cannot upload steam workshop leagues what i have made and it wont work in the game too.
  14. Hi, i cant upload to steam workshop my league and it wont work in the fm also. i tried to made saudi and iran leagues.
  15. steam workshop isnt working... editor says cant upload, any help?
  16. i belive there is workshop now on since i found it, thought its bit empty now..
  17. strange since i think i didnt change it to chinese, thanks anyway im new save and it havent happened yet...
  18. and i cant see any jobs there, any help? i upload save game called Jaakko Lammi - testjlammi2.fm
  19. Hi! my job security is totally empty, i cant see any jobs and im in january 2024 now
  20. now i managed finally. its there Jaakko Lammi - testjlammi.fm
  21. i dont know but link dosent work for me, but i think i uploaded file Jaakko Lammi - testjlammi
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