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  1. so I started a new save, deleted and reinstalled the game to see if any differemce comes to the on going blurry picture quality and my non stop long term injuries I have attached some photos from my previous message about this and to prove my point I started a new game and decided to show exactly my point.. I have had enough of paying full price for a game that doesn't match the same service of picture quality that other players seem to have.. And also a game that seems to be trying to force me to buy a "magic sponge" I would kindly like to request my mone
  2. Nope it's exactly the same, I got somewhat excited too but I should of known.. I'm done with this game now. I want a refund.. Bad picture quality None stop injured players long term , trying to take more money from me to buy the "magic sponge" Disgraceful
  3. Not at all, my training style is set.my by assistant manager and even then it's just standard, no one is on additional or special intense training... And even in matches my intensity is maybe just above half way. And sorry how do I get a copy.of my save link?
  4. Right I understand in real life of football there could be the odd season where a team is loaded with injuries. However why is it that literally every single week during the season I am plastered with injuries, there was even an occasion I had 4 at once all longer then 3weeks .. I can literally only put It down to greed from Sega trying to get people to buy the "magic sponge" which is conveniently available for purchase.. I wonder if anyone else has this problem? But surely you can't do this I attached two photos of.last season and I'll post another for th
  5. It's really sad I have to keep going on about it...
  6. Well it's hard to say more, The simple fact is I purchased the game and was having no issues with the picture quality on the match engine, it was sharp and clear.. Then an update came the picture quality was no longer high quality and was not sharp, very pixilated.. I made a complain, an update came a couple days later, and it was fine for a few days, then another update came, And the picture quality went back again to how it was before... It's been like 3 weeks now this is depressing , seeing how the game was played and then
  7. The thing is the picture was perfectly fine before and since the update it has been like this, so how can the devise be the issue??? Can you guys please sort this out.. Because in short, purchased the game picture quality was perfectly fine Update comes picture quality goes down Made a complaint , new update comes and was fixed Another update comes and picture quality goes back to poor quality.. My tablet is not an old model so it definitely isn't the tablet
  8. Hello, Again using the Samsung Galaxy s6 10.5 . Picture quality isn't sharp, very pixilated ... Been a week now and still no improvements, can we please have this resolved. Cavell
  9. hello I'm using the Samsung Galaxy s6 10.5 I made a issue before about the screen not displaying clear picture... Ab update camenot long after, I updated it and all was fine, Now another update came and it's gone back to the pixalated quality again.. Why has this happened again ????
  10. Samsung Galaxy Tab 6 10.5 I also want to add it worked perfectly before the update and I had uninstalled and downloaded it again and lost all my files which is really upsetting.. I had to start again loosing the money I put in the process and now I can't even play the game with a full quality picture
  11. I installed and uninstalled after the update and lost my game save and had to start again. I was not impressed... I want my 3d match engine picture quality improved because it's just horrible looking at a Pixilated screen
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