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  1. Hi guys, me again! I posted yesterday regarding a suitable laptop that could handle the 3D with ease. Just before I purchased something recommended to me I’ve seen this - https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/gaming/pc-gaming/gaming-laptops/acer-nitro-5-17-3-gaming-laptop-intel-core-i5-gtx-1650-256-gb-ssd-10205985-pdt.html could anyone give advice on this and whether it would be good enough to handle the game easily? I know the memory isn’t massive but tbh I’d only use it to play FM haha.
  2. Thank you for the advice mate! I’ll get that one then! My last one didn’t really do well with the 3D engine so that was my main focus.
  3. Hi all, I am looking to replace my broken laptop and my budget is around £700. Could anyone let me know if the laptop I’ve attached would be sufficient enough to play multiple leagues and run the 3D engine smoothly? Thanks in advance!
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