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  1. My apologies if this is the wrong thread. I requested an improvement to my training facilities from the board, and as you can see from the photos, in their initial response they gave a start date for construction to begin of May 2025 (the end of the current season), but a completion date of December 2024. I thought maybe it was a 'typo' and meant to be December 2025, but in the club vision screen it says completion in 2024, which is odd because usually they do wait until the end of the season to begin work. I have uploaded save file "Dulwich Hamlet x.fm" to the cloud. Many thanks.
  2. Hi @Tony Garvey sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you, fortunately I was able to get some old files from my old laptop, I've uploaded the following saves to the cloud: Dulwich Hamlet.fm Dulwich Hamlet z.fm Dulwich Hamlet x.fm I hope one of these helps. If not I have a few more if you need to go further back. Thanks for looking into this!
  3. Sorry just to add, I've realised after having the meeting there are in fact some players who say they are supporting the teammate who initially raised the squad depth issue. This is in dynamics and on their individual profile. Overall they are still happy, but under management in dynamics they are not. My apologies.
  4. After I sold and immediately loaned back a player, my squad requested a meeting about a lack of squad depth. After clicking the only option available, nothing happens. No-one pipes up to talk about the issue. My only option is to go to the summary where my assistant says the squad are disappointed I didn't address the issue. No new players are unhappy in dynamics, however, and morale and manager support are still high. It could have something to do with the fact the player was loaned back as part of the transfer, so the squad is actually still the same size. I have uploaded the save file: "Dulwich Hamlet T" Regards and thanks.
  5. Hi @Julius Flusfeder Thanks so much for looking into this and passing it onto the dev team, it's much appreciated. I certainly am enjoying the game! Only problem is at the moment I can't continue the game as it crashes as I'm about to enter a match, but I've seen this is a known issue. Fingers crossed that one gets sorted quickly! Many thanks, Viceroy
  6. Hi SI Games, I'm having a problem where I'm trying to sign foreign players using the search filter "Work Permit Chance" - 'N/A' or "Work Permit Required" - 'No', but after agreeing a contract with them a work permit is required (and usually rejected). There is also no indication on the 'approach to sign' screen that there would be a work permit issue, as there usually would be. This seems to be a problem exclusively for players who were recently released by UK teams, so presumably had a work permit on their previous contract. I've found this to be a problem for the following players: Baba Fernandes - just released by (Nottm Forest) Łukasz Bejger - (Man U) Alpha Dionkou - (Man City) I have uploaded a save with the following filename: Test Save - Dulwich Hamlet - WP problems Thanks, Andrew
  7. Just bumping this in the hope devs see, still finding this infuriating!
  8. For support - I also uploaded my save file to the cloud with filename 'Andrew Liddell - Reading L.fm'
  9. Sorry if this the wrong place to post this, I didn't think match engine was suitable. I managed Reading in this match and at the end of the game I was in Man Utds dressing room as it were, giving their team talk, as you can see in the photos. Reading ended the game with 10 men as a player got injured after 3 subs had been made, and a Man U player was injured in the same tackle, but came back on the pitch. Yet when I went to Tactics as the Man U manager (as it were), that player wasn't showing as being on the pitch, as though he also had to come off after they made 3 subs. This is the only weird thing I can think happening. Bizarre and humorous glitch! I wanted to sabotage their team talk as they are my rivals in a title fight and ended up inspiring all their players. Serves me right... Man Utd v Reading.pkm
  10. I've had the exact same problem, I was surprised it wasn't fixed in the latest update. I can upload my save if that will help devs.
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