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  1. Whoever wanted a tactic for Roma a few pages ago. Here ya go ME21.7ECHOESKnap4231P111VOL2TH92.fmf 45.04 kB · 141 downloads
  2. They have shared it above, but here it is again. I have also included the testing results with top/subtop/underdog teams 1721665496_ME21.7ARGUSknap352P105ALLCUPS.fmf
  3. Join the discord, theres tests with multiple teams not just top teams. You can chat with people about whats working. https://discord.gg/eZvyKqKBWG
  4. Ive never played with him personally, but he always makes a big move in my careers. Normally Chelsea, but him and Pellegrini seem solid options for AM.
  5. Never really used them that much, sometimes if the other team has amazing wingers i will ask them not to mark tightly as they give away pens a lot but not sure how much it actually works.
  6. Cant fault the teams quality. If its not working try another tactic, lots to choose from. I've never personally used Very Attacking. Is it not working because you are conceding to many goals? How long have you been using the tactic? Theres a tactic above that had success with the original Arsenal team.
  7. Your players are not familiar with the tactic you need to give it time, you seem to have 3 tactics loaded. You basically have the best players in the game, should be able to use any tactic but Eder is not a DM.
  8. Yes @knap tactics work in Lower leagues The Echoes and Time 4231s are the best for that shape currently i have tested. I have had success with Brighton, Napoli and Cambridge now. !!FM21.6ECHOESKnap4231P111.fmf
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