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  1. I like RDFs GenGen Press version. Its in the pack he released with the ones for KNAPS tactics.
  2. I not really used IW as much as IFs. But i dont find too much difference when i have switched. They both cut inside but IW cross more i think
  3. Yeahh seemed to work well for the more attacking players. In the other test with Salzburg where i actually play the games Szoboszlai got one of the best average ratings, but thats helped by his quality. The striker appeared to do really well in all tests
  4. They where all simmed and everything is done by AM in my tests, so no opposition instructions.
  5. More tweaks!! Versions for Wingers and Inside Forwards depending what suits your team. Arsenal won the double at least with both tactics! Tests with Arsenal for sub top and elite with Liverpool. Really happy with the results, thanks @knap for testing with Liverpool. Please let me know any feedback if you test. I will provide player traits if tested. These work on the latest match engine!!! FM21.5ParisKnapPar1sLVER4231WP104FACC.fmf FM21.5PARISKnapPar1sLVER4231P103IFECFA.fmf
  6. Tweak to 4231 Paris Walkways. I have tested this with Middlesboro who are underdogs and with Salzburg to see how it does against bigger champions league teams. Santos is a current test with some traits added. Middlesboro finished 2nd (1 point off champions!) and so far in Austria we are unbeaten. Beating Bayern and Chelsea on the way and finishing top of the group In Salzburg I have trained the strikers to "beat offside trap" and "play one-twos" and both wingers to "get into opposition area" All the front three have great pace, accelerations and decisions. Anybody
  7. When you say "dont work" what do you mean? How many games have you played? Team cohesion and tactical familiarity are important for the tactics to work.
  8. Championship Test. FM21.5TIMEKnap4231DMCP102ECFA Promotion via play offs, not as consistent as the Parisienne versions of 4231 IMO. @knap can you look at !!!!!FM20.4.1SICILIANKnap4231DMWPP107ALLCUPS.fmf please? Results for underdogs can be found here - Knap FM2021 - Google Sheets
  9. Ohhhhh i like the look of this!!! Been waiting for a 4231 with DMs Will test tonight.
  10. There are tests with other teams that are lower rated on the spread sheet.
  11. Championship Test. FM21.5TIMEKnap451P108ALLCUPS Solid performance, good amount of goals, best performing 433 I have tested - all results can be found on KNAPs tactic table.
  12. This sounds like a really cool idea! I think work rate and team work are really underrated as most of the tactics use high pressing. Also use "get stuck in" a lot which I think plays into bravery. Let me know your results
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