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  1. Sorry yet again the issue has resolved itself. It's just rlly weird. Sometimes I go in the face disappears then I come out of the game go back in and its magically back again. I think its most likely a problem with the game loading
  2. Back again this time on a new computer with a lot of space. I really don’t understand why this is happening.
  3. I've fixed the issue. If anyone else is having this you need to clear space on your computer. For example I deleted past versions of FM. Once I did this the faces came back
  4. One of my newgens used to have a face before he turned professional and now he doesn't have a face anymore I'll attach a picture below. Is there anything I can do to get his face back? Also I went into old versions of the same save game and the players face still doesn't appear
  5. In my save, whenever two user controlled teams played in a penalty shootout the game would crash. I get past it by simming but I worry that it may occur in the 2 finals coming up (Liverpool vs Man Utd) and (Liverpool vs Arsenal). The crash happened before in an FA Cup quarter final between Chelsea and Arsenal as well as an FA Cup Semi-Final between Arsenal and Liverpool. I recently uploaded the save to the cloud its called 6 Clubs
  6. I'm not sure if there's anything that U can do about this because I've already finished season 1 in my save and the rules for the competitions have changed. But I noticed for some rounds of th Champions League and Europa League I was only allowed to make 3 subs but in other rounds I could make 5. I'm not sure if this affects post-beta saves but I thought I dhould bring it up.
  7. The file is called 6 Clubs, at the moment Man Utd are trying to sign Skriniar from Inter but there was a message in a red box saying he cannot be registered until 1/1/2022. Also with any of the other clubs, trying to make a signing comes up with the red box message on the transfer offer screen. The save was made during the beta period with the first transfer window disabled
  8. Sorry I'm also having this problem if I just sign the player when the date is set to 1/1/2022 will it go through immediately?
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