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  1. Personally I did and still believe that SI putting Brexit in the game was a political act because although people voted for this to happen, it didnt and indeed still hasn't happened in real life. However Miles was always insistent that it's in the game due to it being a simulation. But how you can implement something that's not yet happened in real life did appear to be a play at influencing people to illustrate how wrong the vote was. Personally I think it was too but seemed strange to potentially spoil games. So I imagine they will have to put something like this in the game, not referring to having a random disease suddenly pop up causing havoc but rather the outcome of the ramifications.
  2. As the title says really, how would I amend the Base skin to include the player faces on the Tactic screens? Seeing it in other screens it does look quality I must say. I've had a look in the FAQ for the keyword 'tactics' but nothing comes up relating to it. Appreciate any help!
  3. loving this skin! Where did you download the round player faces too? A massive thumbs up from me!
  4. Just noticed that if I adjust the amount available for transfers, it then gives me scouting budget. This is all well and good but why did my chose packages suddenly disappear? Is it because I was overspending?
  5. Thoroughly enjoying the game but got a weird issue whereby at the beginning of the season I purchased the largest scouting network I can (World) but then as the season went on, I got to the January break and strangely I wasnt seeing players that had been previously recommended. Turns out my package had disappeared and so I tried to select 'world' again but now I could only afford 'England'. Fast forward to end of season and I can now only afford EFL Championship Could someone shed some light on what's going on here?
  6. cheers for the replies lads. I'd be going from 2016, so what improvements did 2017 offer over this one? Arguably I suppose compared to 2016, 2018 would be superior anyways?
  7. I'm still playing 2016 - need to get used to calling it 'Touch' rather than Classic! But I enjoy the game but with every new release adding a bit of gloss and refinement, I wondered if people could advise how 2018 compares to 2016? Is it worth an upgrade or have extra things been added in such a way that it seems to bloat it? Has there been an increase in the microtransaction messages which appear in the news box? Be great to gauge everyones opinion
  8. Probably a waste of effort posting this as it has been raised before, but could someone please advise the status of how to get around this bug? Obviously I could arrange them myself but would welcome someone at SI to confirm why this was never fixed.
  9. Thank you the reason for not believing it was that was im a player from FM2013 Classic where you had the option to defend against set pieces. Thank you for confirming
  10. Help! I've recently purchased FMT2016 (yeah, I know, I'm late to the party) after my FM2013 gave up the ghost and stopped working after a certain date. Within FM2013 there was the general training option and a focused one on the next game, such as the focus of attacking set pieces and defending set pieces. Now, I can not see this option in FMT2016 and didnt believe it was there, but during a game my assistant said... "we should focus on defending set pieces for future games" So I believe it should be in there somewhere? Can someone help please?
  11. I've done a search on YouTube for Football Manager Touch 2016 and aside from two videos from non English speaking players, there is scant information. Basically I'm still on FM Classic 2013 - which is basically the same as Football Manager Touch. Basically it concentrates more on 3 areas, Tactics, Team and Transfers. The Three T's! There's a much more sensible amount of interaction as opposed to it occuring every single time. Quality Game and the beauty of it is that it's essentially the main game (so same match engine and AI), but much more stripped back so you can concentrate on having fun and getting through seasons quickly, getting re-gens etc.
  12. While we're on this subject, have SI implemented any future scenarios if Donald Trump gets elected?
  13. eh? English players in real life are not very good. That comment referred to regens - I should have made that clear. Similarly, perhaps you should have actually addressed what exactly I've stated as fact, rather than a meaningless post. Allow me to clarify.... Due to the success of the Premier League and the ever decreasing pool of UK/English players, it has been to the detriment of the National Team of England. This is fact. If we had a league where English players were given priority again, then it would result in more being given a chance. Some would fail and some would succeed. These players I refer to are probably only 8 years old or whatever at the moment but if given the chance, if given game time. Then it will be for the good of the game.
  14. It mentioned in the news video for full FM2017 that the News screen graphics would adapt to whatever the news was about. Is that in FMT 2017? Also have the more indepth text commentary been changed as per full fat version?
  15. Been playing FM every year up until 2013 when I stopped due to the fact my laptop struggles - yep, even with FMC. So I'm thinking of getting a tablet and wondered what peoples experiences are playing FM this way. I've been looking at the list of tablets that support FM, but will the game run the same on a low end tablet as it would on a high end? For instance, is the graphic detail and leagues to choose fixed? Will the 3D be the same regardless or is it the same as on a PC where if the tablet is of much better quality, then in turn you'll be able to see better graphics. Also what would you recommend for screensize? I've narrowed it down to Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 or 8, is it a case of the bigger screen size the better? Be really interested to hear your thoughts.
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