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  1. I'm yet to have any success with the role when playing as a big team, I find the IF(A) role better to use against low blocks. Which is funny considering Muller, the OG Raumdeuter, probably plays against teams like that a lot in Germany
  2. What I'm doing is working so well that I'm considering changing it up because it feels almost like an exploit. Basically get the biggest aerial threat you have to attack the near post, the second one to stay in the near post and someone else at the far post. Oh and put right footed players to take corners on the left and vice versa, and tell them to aim at near post. Consistently 10-15 corner goals a season for me
  3. That happened to me exactly once in about 900 hours of fm21
  4. It means the front 4 players have the "press more" player instruction.
  5. Hello everyone, since I'm in 2041 and the club rep is pretty high, most of the time I come up against low blocks and teams that simply don't want to come out and play. So I'm trying to employ a more patient approach on the ball, but performances so far aren't convincing. Tactic: As you can see I'm 1st place but honestly it's a mixture of luck + incompetence of the other teams. Record so far is 11 wins and 6 draws. Me getting grouped in the CL is an attestment to that Average possession in the league so far is 57% but I'm struggling to create good chances. Most of the time I'm bailed out by set piece goals(from 35 scored, 16 of those came from set pieces lol). Some examples: This one against a League Two club, goal from a corner: I know the midfield might seem a little shaky with a RPM and a CM(A)(who btw is invisible so far) but since the defenders are really good I decided to be a little more daring. I also use a split block with the front 3 and the CM(A) and some PI's: hold position on the AMR, move into channels for both CM's and stay wider on the AML. Any kind of insight is welcome, thank you in advance.
  6. I played a little today and finished the season, 6 matches played, 3 won(3-0 v Liverpool and 2-1 v Tottenham away) and 2 lost(v Man Utd and Leicester). Overall I was satisfied, but now on the next season I guess my reputation increased to a point where a lot of teams are parking the bus against me, so I came up with this: Dropped the CF duty to support, Morgan was originally an AM so he fits the role really well. I'm expecting him to drop deep a little and create space for the MEZ and the IF, who now is on attack duty. But sadly it isn't really working, most if not all of my shots come from crosses and the IF gets very few chances per game(4.06 acumulated xG in 18 games). Am I doing something fundamentally wrong here? I don't think I'm trying to do anything my players can't, they are really good.
  7. Check out this thread by @crusadertsar, he's doing an Arrigo Sacchi 4-4-2 replication and the SV is one of the pillars of the tactic.
  8. I was mostly worried about his weak right foot, but that seems very interesting. Gonna try it out in pre-season, thank you for the advice mate!
  9. He has no right foot + his traits suit inside oriented roles better I think, he has cuts inside from right wing, tries killer balls and switches ball to the other flank. He also has comes deep to get the ball and arrives late in opponents' area, but I'm training him to stop doing those.
  10. Thank you both for the advice, as of now I'm gonna have to keep the IW because I don't really have anyone suited for the winger role. So I'm changing the IWB to a WB(S) and trying out the CM(A) + DM(D) as well as the MEZ + IW to see which way I find more success.
  11. Hello everyone. I'm in my fifth season in the PL with Dartford FC currently fighting for a UEL spot. I'm still gradually improving the squad, the club is shorter on money compared to other top tier clubs but I still think I could be doing better(especially since in the 3rd season I managed to qualify to the UCL). I came up with this tactic trying to fit the players the best I can. I opted for a mid block since the midfield trio has good workrate, teamwork, stamina and tackling. I'm looking to win the ball in midfield and catch the opposition off guard with quick transitions using the front three's pace and creativity. Previously I used the IF on attack to get someone closer to the CF but I was worried about the defensive phase since the full back is on attack too. So the reason I think I should be doing better is I'm actually doing great at home, 12 wins 3 draws and 1 defeat so far(beating LFC, Arsenal, Tottenham and Man City in the process). But I'm not doing well at all in away games, as you can see below. So what do you guys think? I thought about making the tactic a bit more cautious in these games but weirdly enough I don't even concede from counter attacks all that much. Most of the time I just lose to a cross or a quick passing interchange while creating next to nothing... Thanks in advance.
  12. A new 19yo keeper(perfeccionist personality) is arriving in the winter transfer window to eventually replace my 36yo keeper(model professional), whose contract ends in the end of the season. Should I put them in a mentoring group? Or is perfeccionist good enough?
  13. What difference would removing it make mate?
  14. Do you guys think a midfield trio of BBM + DLP(S) + DM(D) could work? Would the BBM's movement be enough for central penetration?
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