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  1. I have a major issue with my FM game that I really think should be fixed for FM08, it's always been happening and it's unrealistic and nothing ever seems to be done about it: Getting the sack as an international boss after reaching the semi finals of an international tournament. Why! It's usually the big teams, which you might say is fair enough if they were expected to win the thing, but do you really think an England manager would be sacked after reaching the semi finals? And I'm not just talking about lucky results to get there - getting past Germany and Holland undefeated, to then lose on penalties to Italy, a game I would have won had Terry not given away a pen, and had 5 good penalty takers injured in the same game before the shootout. It just doesn't seem fair - if England these days got to a semi final, we would hailing the manager as a national hero and be eager to see how he would improve the team for the next tournament. Bosses don't get the sack if they don't get to the final. France didn't even qualify, losing out to Scotland, and their manager wasn't even sacked! So SI, if you're still reading this, please sort this out to give people a better chance at being an international success!
  2. I remember in my old CM games you could criticize the referee....not sure why you can't still do this as I can get really annoyed about how a strict ref can give out so many yellow cards, that my team can have numerous suspensions at one time. So i'd like to have a go at the ref please :-) Everyone does it in football every day anyway! And also the option to ask the FA to move fixtures if you suddenly get a massive congestion and play 3 games in 6 days!
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