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  1. I've just got the game and started as Betis! I have fond memories of them in previous games so I'm hoping this will be as good! Still not sure what formation in going to play though!
  2. So after a successful pre-season, we're now ready to start life in the Championship. The board wants us to finish above mid-table and gave us 1 million with which to improve the squad. I wasn't able to renew Ibe's loan as Liverpool want him to play with better players. Freeman decided he wanted to join Wigan and nothing I said could change his mind. So that meant my two wingers and arguably best payers from last year have left. I'm hoping that Isgrove, Wilson and Mackay-Steven can pick up the goal scoring slack. Carlton Cole was the best I could find and offers some good experience. Pallardo will compete with Ake for the DM spot and I'm hoping that Teixeria can do well in a cm spot. Wisdom has been bought in to shore up the defence and Leech is a regen. Here is Leech, I'm going to train him to play as a striker, hoping that he'll come good. My youth intake bought through two decent prospects, and I still have some money left but I'm concerned about spending too much on wages and getting us into trouble. I have been unable to sell some of my deadwood but will keep trying. Probably not going to sign anyone else just yet, unless someone amazing comes through or someone leaves. Looking forward to the new season!
  3. Interesting, I might try him there. Was this pre patch? He's played a few games there as an inside forward attack but hasn't done anything. It'd be handy to be able to play him there sometimes as he's very hit and miss up top for me.
  4. How did you played agard? He doesn't really suit my formation so he's only been OK. Still going to keep him for the championship. Wagstaff was amazing for me at the start but due to injuries and ibe, he didn't play much more. He'll still be good back up for me in the championship.
  5. I had been trying to decide on a new game to start and I started reading this thread. It's been a long time since I managed in the lower leagues so fancied a go. My ultimate aim is to get the Liverpool job, but having some fun on the way. With that in mind, I picked Bristol city. I've nearly finished the first season and have just won the title, with two games to spare. My form has been poor lately, but due to beating the contenders, amassing a big lead and everyone else dropping points, it didn't matter. My star of the season has been Jordan ibe. I managed to get Liverpool as my parent club and after rejecting me countless times, ibe came to the robins. He's currently my top scorer and has been immense. Other star players have been Korey Smith and luke freeman. My biggest disappointment is Jay emmanuel-thomas. I planned to play him as an inside forward on the right wing due to not using an am. He wasn't fit for ages so couldn't play and Scott wagstaff was banging in the goals. Then he starting complaining and we fell out. He never made me regret my decision and will be leaving at the end of the season. I managed to get to the 5th round of the fa cup, drawing spurs. A 0-0 draw at white Hart lane bought them back to Ashton gate, where we lost 3-1 in extra time. We lost to Derby in the 2nd round of the league cup and Portsmouth in the first round of the trophy. The board have given me 1.75m transfer budget. I have a pretty decent team but definitely need strengthening. I'm hoping to keep ibe for another year and hopefully Nathan ake too. I've already signed a Spanish dm from hearts on a free. I can't remember his name and I'm on my phone. I'm enjoying this save so far and now the real fun starts!
  6. Interesting, I've always liked Boro so will give them a look when the patch is out. Thanks very much for your suggestions.
  7. I did think about a Championship team and Leeds would be high on the list due to family ties. It might make more sense than a Bristol City game although I'd be concerned about the crazy chairman
  8. I'm looking for some inspiration for my new game when the patch comes out. I had originally planned to do a Liverpool game, but now feel it would be too easy and I'd end up looking at similar players that I do in my current Milan save. So I started thinking about possibly going lower league Germany or league 1. I think I've narrowed it down to three teams, RB Leipzig, Biefield and Bristol City. I haven't managed in Germany for a while and enjoyed the previous saves i have had there. I have never played outside the Bundesliga so think that could be an interesting game. I know Leipzig have quite a bit of cash and that appeals to me but I'm not sure how I feel about managing a Red bull team. Biefield are in the third division and is the nearest football club to where I lived in Germany. My only concern is that it might be too difficult. I picked Bristol City after reading the football league post and it's been a while since I managed in Lower league England. I like the fact that it could be a few years till I get into the Premiership and hopefully they have a decent board. Sorry for the long post, does anyone have any thoughts or could offer any guidance?
  9. Ended up signing James Rodriguez for 48 million. About to start my fourth season, first one in the champions league.
  10. I looked at him but having just signed kondogbia, didn't want to get any more French players. Does anyone have any experience with Fred?
  11. He's 28. Only going to be playing the save for another couple of seasons before the update. Has anyone used ozil?
  12. I'm about to start my fourth season and have a similar issue. I have a budget of 70 Mil and I think I'm looking for an attacking midfielder. I have bonaventura and mastour and giovinco. I could sign ozil for 50 Mil, or Fred or angel correa for considerably less. I also have the chance to sign Oliver. Any suggestions? Is ozil worth 50 Mil?
  13. In my Milan save, my board have just been taken over. I went to look at the scouting tab to find a centre back and there are no players showing on the screen. This happens under each section of scouting. Is this a bug or is it to do with the takeover?
  14. Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Alexis Sanchez Your Team: Milan Buyer/Seller: Arsenal Player's Value: 25 m Offer: 35m Plus 140 grand a week and 6 mil signing on fee Transfer/Wage Budget: 45m Patch: Latest Season: Start of third Buying/Selling: Buying Player Name: Enner Valencia Your Team: Madrid Buyer/Seller: West Ham Player's Value: 20m Offer: 25m Transfer/Wage Budget: 45m Patch: Latest Season: Start of third Basically, I'm selling Menez as his contract is up at the end of the season and he won't resign. I have enough money to replace him with anyone, however I'm not in champions league so it limits who wants to come. I really like sanchez but my scouts say he's not a worthwhile signing and has injury problems. My other option is Ahmed Musa or Andre Hahn who I can get for 2.1m.
  15. I am currently playing as A.C Milan and nearing the end of the second season. i have just failed to qualify for the champions league. In the summer I had a some bids for my players from clubs in the Champions league. I spoke to my players and asked for them to stay another year. They all agreed and stayed. Now that I have failed to fulfil my promise, they have all become unhappy and it has spread to my squad. In my news item, it talks as though I have just rejected a bid for them from the big team. It says that the player is angry that I have rejected a bid for them and wants to leave. There are currently no teams interested in them as its the start of May. I have no qualms about selling them in the transfer window, a promise is a promise after all but it seems strange that the game thinks I have just rejected a bid. This has decimated my squads moral, 2 days before the Europa League semi final. Is it just a case of the messages being worded poorly?
  16. The team are in good shape, with some good youngsters coming through. The only issue appears to be with th board and them not having any money. If you don't mind having no finances, then valencia would be a great save.
  17. Just about to start my second season. Managed to hold onto fourth place after a bit of a collapse that included losing 6 0 to barca. The board have given me no transfer budget, reduced my wage budget, only 35%transfer revenue and they want me to challenge for the title. Trying to sell a load of players as I need strengthen in certain areas. Gonna be a difficult season.
  18. I've just had my first game back after the winter break. Real Madrid at home. Won 5 1. Currently first although barca and real have games in hand. Have no transfer budget and no wage budget so I can't bring in any new faces. Sucks as there's a couple of players who's contracts are ending that I'd like.
  19. Thanks. How was he in the first season? None of my strikers are very consistent, most of my goals have come from the wings.
  20. How are you playing Paco? How is Rodrigo working for you on the wing?
  21. Quick update, after 11 games I sit top, ahead of Barca on goal difference. Bad news in the international break though, Savitsky is out for 5 weeks, gomes out for a month and Parejo got injured in training. He's out for 6 weeks!!!! Time for some players to step up.
  22. Stupid question, but would the edited changes only work on a new game?
  23. I started as Valencia, partly as I've always liked them and also as I thought they would have a bit of cash. Seems I was mistaken, oh well. My starting budget was only about 6m but with the impending negredo transfer, I kept getting told I couldn't afford any players. I ended up getting Savitsky, Kimmich and a couple of old free transfers. I play 4-2-3-1, with the 2 switching cm and dm. I'm doing good, 2nd at the moment after 10 games. Just beat Athletico Madrid 2-1 at home. Negredo is just back from injury, hasn't started yet. Paco has missed all games so far as he got injured pre-season. Rodrigo scored 6 against getafe but hasn't scored in any other game. Savitsky and Feghouli have been my best players so far. Really enjoying the save, sucks that I won't have the cash I thought I would but should make it more interesting.
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