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  1. Considering starting a new sign-up atm. Yes, I will continue with it for more than 2 weeks. Considering making it the same as Ridleys "it could be you... who's crap" sign-up. Obviously I will need his permission. But if I do get his permission then I will make it.
  2. Heres a bit of a stupid question. With Lower league teams (or rubbish teams) is it better to have long passing with a fast tempo? or do I have to take my teams ability into affect?
  3. I've made a goalkeeper sign-up. Granted I didn't do it, but I still made one.
  4. That was a long read. But that sound like a good idea tbh. But it would take a while to get a continental reputation.
  5. I just needed it to be cleared up, I thought they were in Europe, I just wasn't sure
  6. Make them from not the most popular of countries. Like Albania, San Marino, azerbajan(sp? and is it in Europe? someone clear it up) etc..
  7. They got 4 goals, 4 more goals than they would've got with McLaren in charge.
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