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  1. 1. Really like that idea of having the option to be an Assistant Manager, could be asked on decisions like out of the two players who should play? If you choose a player and he plays well then maybe this could be how you build your reputation at first, or if you make a player happy at the club following a bust up or poor form. 2. Also the referee table should be shown in the match screen, otherwise you have to go back and forth to see if the ref favours home, away give pens or lots of red cards etc. 3. Favoured personel for managers should be there and could be picked throughout the game by yourself. Staff or Players. 4. Having a choice at the start of working your way up and earning coaching badges, which would be required to manager higher up. Like the Uefa badge need to manager a team in european comp. Could start as Assistant for league two side and work way up to being able to apply for managerial posts. Obviously could be complicated but this could just be a option that you choose to tick or not at the start like the start unemployed tick-box. 5. Interviews, like aims for the club when taking over, or at the start of each year. When you leave a club, they should ask why, and your future plans. E.g Time out of the game, international management or another club wants you. 6. The Plans for the future and general happiness should be able to be used so we could set our happiness at the club or plans for the future.
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