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  1. Oh. Good! I'd always assumed that the scout's ability was just a measure of his accuracy at revealing their accurate PA, and how often he'd do that. Glad to know there's more at work under the hood. Well, nevermind then!
  2. So, here's something I've always struggled with. Can anyone point me to an example in real life of: - Two players, A and B - Both the same age - A has a higher current ability than B - B has a higher potential ability than A What would that description by a scout sound like? "A is much better than B at passing, but despite B's bad passing, I can tell that one day he'll be better at passing, despite them both having the same amount of years left to develop"? Potential in the manner than FM presents it is such a common theme throughout sports video games, so cl
  3. Can I imagine them making the offer? Yes, absolutely. I don't think they'd be accepted, but then you didn't accept the offer either. It's funny you mention Mbappe too, because his initial deal from Monaco to PSG was a loan. Considering some of the odd transfers that have actually happened, there have been far more silly ones made and rejected. I remember Blackburn wanting Ronaldinho, and a quick Google just found that Dumbarton tried to sign Cryuff in 1980. I will agree that it's an unusual offer to make. Perhaps it should happen less, although to be honest I can't say I've seen any
  4. If your issue is in Real Madrid making a loan offer at all, then this sounds significantly more plausible than in 2009, when Real Madrid loaned Julien Faubert from West Ham. At the time, Faubert was second-choice for West Ham, and Real Madrid were reigning champions. If your issue is in that they made an offer than you were unlikely to accept, well, there's no harm in asking is there? It could be compared to when big clubs make small offers for players, the club rejects it, and then the player is annoyed to have had his chance to join a big club refused. This upsets the player, making the
  5. Damn Weiry, you sure do attract a lot of demanding people. Just wanted to say thanks for your great work on all of these. It's a sizeable effort and quantity to deliver on such a quality basis, and yet you do so with aplomb. Cheers!
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