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  1. Hi mate, no it's still not fixed after last night's update.
  2. Cheers Harry. Thats the file uploaded. The file name is: Alexander Park - Notts Co.fmv
  3. Just wondering if any of the si staff are aware of this bug? Would appreciate if you guys could have a look into this and hopefully fix it for the next update. Cheers.
  4. Player career stats in non playable leagues are not right, here's a couple examples in these pics. The years are wrong. It says year 2021/22 for 2 seasons (should say 2020/21 for one of the seasons), player rating of of 18.80 with 0 games, and the goalkeeper conceding 38 goals in 3 apps while having 9 clean sheets. Its not just these 2 players in the pics below, career stats for many players in non playable leagues are just crazy and unrealistic.
  5. After the update we can now see live scores from other games in the same league while in a match. But now false scores pop up while in a game, once the game is finished the scores and goal scorers are completely different, for example in the English national league it said Barnet and Stockport were drawing 2-2, after the game was done i checked and it was 0-0. Same happens with every game. Update: 2 seasons in now and it happens for every single game, last day of the season in league 2, level on points with Bradford City it showed me they were loosing 2-0 i was delighted but once
  6. The manager still doesn't appear as i designed him with the update.
  7. Does anyone here know if future update for fixes will impact on my current save, like for example my managers skin colour not being the same colour as I selected or manager history not showing? I don't mind continuing my save until it gets fixed but im just worried i'll need to start again to notice the fixes. If anyone could let me know that would be brill. Cheers.
  8. Cheers Harry. If I continue my save will this be fixed or would I have to start a new one after the update to notice the fixes?
  9. Hi, my managers skin colour isn't the same as the way I designed him when starting up the game, I made him white but he has a dark skin colour on the touch line and when lifting trophies. Just wondering if you could look into this for next update. Also when the next update is out to fix bugs etc will I need to start a new career or will the update work on my current save? Cheers.
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