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  1. In the description when selecting the Trequartista player role, it says something along the lines of 'won't help out defensively/off the ball'. Just wondering if this means a player will automatically work less if given that role, or does it depend on the individual's work rate? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks pal. Come to think of it I only selected a medium database size. You think if I select large, the likes of Adryan would show? What do you mean by more youth intake? Where can you specify that?
  3. Hi, big fan of FMC. Just one quick question. Is the player database smaller on FMC than it is on the full game? Or is there a way of altering this when setting up a save? For example, on my recent West Brom FMC save, I searched for Brazilians like Adryan and Ademilson but nothing appeared. Like I said, is there a way of changing this or is it just that FMC has a smaller player database? Thanks in advance.
  4. Question's in the title really: will the 14.3 update include changes to player attributes?
  5. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find anything. Had Daniel Sturridge on a number of saves now and have struggled to get anything out of him. I know he will sometimes take on optimistic shots in real life, but the regularity with which he shoots from longe range on FM14 is definitely unrealistic. His attributes, particularly technical, all seem ridiculously low, when you look at what he's been doing since January 2013 for Liverpool. Maybe his researcher was a Chelsea fan? Has anyone else found the same when managing Sturridge? Hopefully it'll be rectified.
  6. Pretty gutting. Cheers for the reply though mate. Is there definitely not anything anyone at SI can do if I send the file?
  7. Certainly did mate. How do I go about PMing them and anyone in particular you'd recommend?
  8. I'm sure I read something somewhere about SI possibly being able to fix the file if you send it to them. Is there something in this?
  9. What do you mean mate? A 3 file rolling system? If so, no I don't unfortunately.
  10. Basically my laptop powered out and when I tried to reload my save later a message appeared saying 'The save game could not be loaded'. Is there anything I can do?! I've tried right clicking on the file and restoring previous versions but all the restore points are a while ago so that's out of the question. Please help. My save was in 2017/18 so I'll be pretty gutted if it's gone.
  11. When the new patch is released, will you be able to continue current saves on it?
  12. Right, I think there is a problem with the regularity of goals from corners, as SI have noted. They've said they'll look to rectify it. Any ideas when the new patch will be out?
  13. Seriously?! What are your individual defending corners instructions mate?
  14. I gather SI are looking into this and hoping to sort it with a new patch. Anyone got any idea when this will be released?
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