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  1. True Loversleaper ... Another question also : How can Direct2drive, GamersGate, Metaboli, Nexway and Co can tolerate that ???
  2. I knew that Steam was published by Valve, that was my point actually. To make a brilliant analogy : when I buy a car to Mercedes, I don't have to get my key at BMW to be able to drive that same Mercedes (and give them my name and all and thus receive ads constantly telling me to buy them a car next time). Valve is a publisher just like SEGA. It was already -imho- a scandal for Civ5 (Konami)... and now SEGA with FM, sadly. EA does the same thing with BF3 and Origin yes, but it's an EA game, and Origin's an EA platform, that sells only EA games. Even if it's disturbing, it's at least more acceptable. The truth is Uniloc, Byteshield and any other DRM costs money unlike Steam who's even probably willing to pay SEGA (as gamers who activate their FM on Steam become instantly potential customers to them). Don't be so innocent. Fighting piracy is one -good- thing, forcing FM players to create an account, give personal info and download a client from a third party company is quite another.
  3. SEGA and Steam are the same company aren't they ? Forcing the consumer to create an account, download their client, activate the game through Steam... I mean come on... I know it's more a general matter than a specific one to FM, the complaints of the community won't change a thing, but still, it's not normal...
  4. I'm not talking about the Steam or the DVD version. I'll try to summarize : SEGA sent to its digital resellers a DRM free version on MAC. Therefore, there is no activation key sent in the emails after purchase. But the problem is that the game runs exaclty like the demo (6 months of gameplay) and a popup from esellerate shows up asking you to activate the game, for 22.95€ I think. But the player has already bought the game around 45€... see the problem ?
  5. Having the same problems with my buyers on FootManager.net. The problem is that the mac version is supposed to be DRM FREE, so no activation key is ent, and when you say, "You will need a serial key to activate the Mac digital download version of the game" I'm a bit confused here. Any solutions really ?
  6. And for those who play the digital version (not steam) of FM 2011 on mac, and still get this error. What can be done ?
  7. FM11 Download without Steam

  8. Having Steam ads when leaving the game, or a big link : "Buy this game" when closing the demo grabbed on Steam... is just deeply unfair for those who sell the digital version of the game (like me). I don't understand why other digital platform are letting that happen... and not only on FM. The principal is scandalous. Some day maybe it'll change...