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  1. Worked for me the only time I have ever used it. Player was wanting to leave for silverware. Captain talked him into staying. At least I think that was it, it was a while ago.
  2. Nice to see the local talent getting a game at Gateshead! haha Do you have any British players!??
  3. I use the cloud between my desktop and laptop and have had no problems. The only time there is no save there is if you don't give steam enough time to upload it before shutting down your computer.
  4. Just to add in can be found in the same place during the match too.
  5. Right here my friend. On the match preview screen, click on tactics. THen click player. Once on that screen click on your left mid on the pitch on the left. Then click on edit and you will come to this screen.....
  6. Just get the in game editor, You can remove player unhappiness if you don't want to deal with it.
  7. Just click on staff on the sidebar, then on the top bar you will see "responsibilities" (3rd from left).
  8. I know what you mean! It is annoying I have done it too, you click back and it jumps to the next unread even though you haven't responded etc to the one you were reading. I am sure there is a way around it just not tried to find it yet, habit gets in the way
  9. On my third season and nearly at the end, quick calculation says I spend just over 23 hours playing a single season. Lately I have been playing the highlights at full speed and just watching replays of goals in slow mo when playing "lesser" opposition
  10. I am still playing my save started on the Beta and I bought the editor and can use it........
  11. You can use the editor in an already started save, but not to add any leagues.
  12. Thanks for the advice, I probably could do with slowing the game down more often especially in league games when I am a few goals up. Will also look into rest days during congestion. Thanks again.
  13. Hi guys, just looking for a bit of advice, which I am sure has been covered many times, so apologies for asking once more. How do you keep players match fit? I find the fixture congestion in the SPL and Europe night on impossible and don't have a big squad to rotate. If I am honest I leave my assistant to deal with the training as I don't have a clue. Is it worth getting in a good fitness coach and setting something up?
  14. Yes but that's the EPL and champs league. I am winning the SPL and randomly Russia come in? Perhaps Northern Ireland or the likes, but Russia? I just cant see Russia going to get the likes of Ronny Delia or Neil Lennon to be their manager that's all.
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