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  1. Upgrading my PC soon and wondered what's the best processor to run FM and future FM's? AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Intel core i9-9900K AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2920X Obvously the 2700X is about half the price but wondered which CPU maybe more future proof.
  2. Just finished my second season, first in Prem. Finished 3rd with 78 points and also won FA cup. Bony and Atsu were my star performers socring 18 goals each. Willian made a big difference in second half of season. Been given £80m to spend. Had offers for Oscar, Ozil and Stones accepted but can't get close to them on wages. Just signed Butland for £2.7m after stoke were relegated.
  3. I have just signed Gayle. 4-2-3-1 With Gayle upfront and Forestieri behind him. or 4-3-2-1 bit negative but keeps control of ball in midfield.
  4. hmmm... When I had a team meeting at the beginning of the season, I said we could make playoffs and none of the players thought that. The chairman wants a mid table finish which should be easily achievable so I don't think the pressure would be on. There's no reason why play offs can't be achieved, but that's probably the same for about 18 clubs in the championship.
  5. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/442225-FM-16-Sheffield-Wednesday-Carlos-had-a-dream!?p=10572741#post10572741 Sheffield Wednesday thread.
  6. Welcome to the Sheffield Wednesday F.C. Team Thread Club Details Team Name: Sheffield Wednesday Nickname: The Owls Year Founded: 1867 Chariman: Dejphon Chansiri Current Manager: Carlos Carvalhal Club Captain: Glen Loovens Vice Captain: Jose Semedo Country: England League: Championship Media Prediction: 13th A bit of history Sheffield Wednesday Football Club is a football club in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England who play in the Championship, the second tier of the English leagues. Sheffield Wednesday are one of the oldest professional clubs in the world and the third oldest in the English league. The Wednesday, as they were known until 1929, were founding members of The Football Alliance in 1889 and its first champions. They joined The Football League three years later and were also one of the founding members of the Premier League in 1992. Since joining the Football League in 1892, the club has spent most of its history in the top flight of English football but have not played at this level since being relegated in 2000. The Owls have historically been one of England's more successful clubs, and have won four League titles, three FA Cups and one League Cup. Wednesday have also competed at European level, most notably in the UEFA Cup in 1992-93. The 2014–15 season saw Wednesday welcome a new owner, Thai businessman Dejphon Chansiri, who purchased the club from Milan Mandarić for £37.5m. The Owls also enjoyed their highest league finish since relegation to League One, reaching 13th place in the Championship, matching the club's clean sheet record in the process. Chansiri stated his aim to get Wednesday back in the Premier League by 2017, the year of the club's 150th anniversary. Along with replacing Gray with Portuguese coach Carlos Carvalhal, he invested heavily in the club's facilities and playing squad, with players such as Fernando Forestieri and Marco Matias arriving for seven-figure sums. Hillsborough Since 1899, Sheffield Wednesday have played home matches at Hillsborough Stadium in the north-western suburb of Owlerton, hence their nickname The Owls. Hillsborough is currently an all-seater ground with a capacity of 39,812. Facilities Corporate Facilities: Average Training Facilities: Impressive training facilities Youth Facilities: Adequate Youth Level: 2 Junior Coaching: Average Youth Recruitment: Above Average Club Finances Estimated Value: £39m (loan debt: £2.1m) Balance: £2.75m Finances: Okay Transfer Budget: £4M Wage Budget: £303k (Currently £275k) The Squad Goalkeepers Kieran Westwood, Joe Wildsmith, Lewis Price, Cameron Dawson Kieran Westwood will be undoubtedly be number 1 and with good reason, he was voted in the PFA Championship team of the year and is amongst the best goalkeepers in the division. Joe Widlsmith has potential and has already been called into the England U21 squad this season. Lewis Price signed in the summer on a free transfer and is more than a capable backup should you decide to let Wildsmith go out on loan. Cameron Dawson, another youngster with potential but not as much as Wildsmith, probably worth sending out on loan for a season. Right Backs Jack Hunt, Liam Palmer A close choice as to who will be first choice right back. Both have very similar attributes. Palmer has the better technical ones but Hunt has better mental and physical attributes. Jack Hunt is a more natural fullback whereas Palmer is more suited to a wing back role. Left Backs Daniel Pudil, Rhoys Wiggins Just like the right backs another close one as to who will be first choice, both natural full backs and attributes are very similar. Jeremy Helan and Claude Dielna can also play left back should you get injuries. I would play the player in form. Centre Backs Tom Lees, Glen Loovens, Michael Turner, Vincient Sasso, Darryl Lachman, Claude Dielna Tom Lees, Glen Loovens and Michael Turner are all very good championship centre backs. I would say its Tom Lees plus one of the other two. There is nothing to choose between Loovens and Turner attributes wise, though Loovens is the club captain and the scouts say he's the best player in the game. Lachman is fourth choice. Dielna is probably surplus to requirements and Sasso is not needed but is on a season long loan, so you could either terminate the loan or sell Dielna. Right Midfielders and Right Wingers Marco Matias, Modou Sougou, These two are more attacking wingers than right sided midfield players. Matias comes with a reputation of scoring goals (17 league goals in Portugal's top flight last season) and with a value of £5.5m is the most valued player in the squad. He is going to be your first choice. Sougou is also an attacking winger but not as good as Matias. Bannan and Palmer are more conventional right sided midfield players but this is not their natural position but if you want to play more defensively then Palmer may be a good option. Left Midfielders and Left Wingers Wallace, Helan Two different players here, Wallace can play naturally wide left and attacking left where as Helan is a left back turned left midfielder. Wallace is very good at set pieces so you will want him taking corners and free kicks. Helan has pace and is more defensive than Wallace. Bannan can also play left midfield and has good attributes as a winger. Matias can also play as an attacking left, but would be better suited as an inside forward if played on the let. Central Midfielders Kieran Lee, Sam Hutchinson, Jose Semedo, Lewis McGugan, Alex Lopez, Felipe Melo, Barry Bannan Hutchinson, Semedo and Melo are the defensive midfielders and whilst there is not that much to choose from Hutchinson and Semedo, Hutchinson is considerably better at passing. Melo is third choice defensive midfielder, but his attributes are more suited to a deep lying playmaker but with this wold make him 7th choice midfielder. Kieran Lee, Lewis McGugan and Alex Lopez can all play as a deep lying playmaker and there is not much to choose from between Lee and McGugan. Lopez I more of an attacking playmaker. Bannan can either play as a deep at attacking playmaker, he can also play on either wing so a good option to have. Looking at his attributes he's probably best as either an attacking playmaker or a left winger. A lot of different options to have in central midfield and finding out the best will take time. If you are playing two in midfield its I would say Hutchinson then either Lee or McGugan. McGugan does have slightly better physical attributes which may be a consideration in the Championship. If your playing 3 central midfielders then I would play Hutchinson, Lopez and then either Lee or McGugan to give a balance. Strikers Fernando Forestieri, Lucas Joao, Atdhe Nuhiu, Sergiu Bus Forestieri scored all the time against us for Watford so hopefully he can score for the Owls. He should be first choice probably as a false nine, though you could play him in the attacking midfield role as a attacking playmaker. He along with Matias will be the more creative players in side. Joao is probably the best out and out striker in the squad played as either a target man or a poacher. He's young quick and strong with potential. Nuhui is going to be back up to Joao, better at heading but that's about it. Bus attributes are similar to Joao's which surprised me, he's can either play as a target man or advanced forward. Bus has not been given a chance under the new manager but probably worth keeping as 3rd choice. Transfer Targets Before you sign players it might be a good idea to let some go. I would definitely try to offload, Dielna, Melo and probably Nuhui if you can sign another striker. The squad is quite large and not much to choose from between the players so signing a lot of players is not needed. I do think that an attacking left midfielder and a striker with a high finishing attribute should be the priorities. Julian Green or Johnathan Obita may be good options for an attacking left player. As for the strikers you might be able to get Dwight Gayle depending on the asking price, other wise there is Kyle Lafferty or maybe Sam Vokes. With loans ending at the end of the first season, more players maybe required for the second season. two full backs and a centre back will be needed as well as offloading players that haven't performed. Why Sheffield Wednesday? Same as always really, can you awaken a sleeping giant. A good size stadium and potential plus there is always the challenge of getting a team promoted from the Championship to the Premier League and keeping them there. The difference on FM16 compared to previous version is that, Wednesday have a big squad with a lot of players of similar quality and a chairman who is prepared to put his money where is mouth is. Enjoy being The Owls!
  7. So I go onto my scouting and there are no players displayed when I have realistic targets selected. Anyone know why? Have i missed something?
  8. Sheffield Wednesday! Big stadium, not much money to play with but could sell a couple to raise some cash! local derbies with Rotherham and Leeds. and Sheffield United if you end up in same league!
  9. Not sure if this has been picked up on yet but the combined league table doesn't seem to have consistency in the information it shows. Plus some of it is incorrect. Firstly it shows how many games have been played at home but not away, plus the number of games I have played at home is incorrect. Says I have played 4 when I have only played 3 (3 draws 0 wins 0 lose). Secondly it tells me how many points I have won away (12, 4 wins), but it does not show me how many point I have won at home.
  10. I've try starting with Wednesday a few times, but finding it difficult! Will get into it with them soon, but goint to try and get a handle of the game with a different club first! Great job on the OP!
  11. Whats working for me? Nothing at minute, though I am Sheffield Wednesday!
  12. I have used FMRTE for the last few years and never had a problem with it, It's never crashed my games or caused me any major problems! Ruci, your a star I'm sure I speak for all FMRTE users that we all really appreciate your efforts! One thing I will say and I'm not having a go at anyone at SI, but I have noticed more bugs in FM12 than previous versions of FM!
  13. Hi Guys! Although I'm not playing as Man U I have just noticed that at the end of the 2nd season Vidic retired at the age of 31 on my game. Just wondered if any of you had seen this or wether you think this is rather unusual! Bit of warning as well! P.S Phil Jones looks awesome!
  14. Another quick update from me at the end of my 2nd season, (Core i5 processor) Had Camreon Jerome and Dean Whitehead on loan for 3 months but decided to let them go at the end of their loans. I then got Sylvain Ebanks Blake, Barry Bannan and Jone Samuelsen on loan until the end of the season. So at the end of the season won the championship and on my way to the premiership. Played 46 won 26 Drew 15 lost 5 GF 92 GA 58 Pts 93. Andy Keogh was my top scorer with 25. Wonder what the premiership will hold for me! Been given £24m transfer budget but only £250k wage budget to avoid relegation!
  15. How much money did people get to spend at the start of the 2nd season, Milan gave me £8m for a top half finish, Thats seems rather high not complaining though. Signings for my assult on the Championship Gleen Lovens £160k Kaspar Gorkss £500k Billy Jones £1.1m Glenn Whelan £1.1m Joe Lewis Free Richie De Leat Free Shane Lowry Free Lucas Piazon Loan Paddy McCourt £1m Chris Martain £275k Petter Vaagan Moen £800k Jay Spearing £1.8m Andy Keogh £1.2m I should point out that all my cash signings were on the transfer list. Made a good start with 1 defeat in the first 14 games and found myself 2nd in the league and the best defence. Problem was only Keogh was scoring goals and playing well out of my strikers. I then lost Gorkss and Loovens to injury and went 5 games without a win conceding 13 including a 5-1 defeat away at Southmapton and a 4-4 draw away at Norwhich despite being 4-1 up. I then got Cameron Jerome and Dean Whitehead on loan for 3 months because I found that while my first 11 was very competative a couple on injuries have me in trouble. I have then won 5 and drew 1 out of my last 6. So far this season I have played 24 won 13 drew 8 lost 3 GF 47 GA 31 Pts 47 and in 3rd place. Keogh is top scorer with 12 from 24. My team looks like this. Lewis Jones, Loovens, Gorkss, De Leat Vaagan Moen, Whelan, Spearing, Richie Keogh Jerome Sometimes I swith the wide men with McCourt coming in and Whitehead instead of Whelan or Spearing. Will let you know how I get on at end of season!
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