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  1. Something that will interest you. Crossing is definitely an issue. Its improved from other versions but definitely some issues. BLOCKED CROSSES
  2. Yeah. Considering its a link to a Chelsea blog and written by Chelsea fans makes me even more happier. **** Spurs but thank you for your kind words
  3. I didn't think a link to an article will bring so much joy to the people but i am happy it is proving helpful. Enjoy and a happy new year!
  4. Looking at how the world revolves around English football, I decided to create a database in which leagues with lower visibility gets more attention. And one of the leagues which is sadly underappreciated cos of the high profile nature and marketing budgets of English league and La Liga is Bundesliga. Entertainment everywhere. Drama everywhere. Passion everywhere. But cos of less commercialization they remain behind. A victim of their own ideals. But RB Leipzig has shown that with proper planning and money you can become a giant in world football very quickly. Sadly such sugar dadd
  5. Only issuue with fb-s that you need to play with low tempo to get him involved. Great for possession based stuff. But i play a a high tempo strikerless so iwb or wb or even cwb are needed. And cwb are very unpredictable in their movement. The best role for wingback 100%.
  6. I keep scouring the Internet for knowledge and found this incredible article which helped my understanding of the game. And considering the many questions people ask here about tactics and many of them are not answered or the answerer has to link his previous articles again and again. I hope this article helps you. Its a long read but if you love deep tactical discussion this will be enjoyable. LAMPARD'S CHELSEA
  7. His first priority is not to concede. Then from there he goes on to create teams which plays for 1-0 wins. And he has done it consistently. Against Arsenal and City it worked but against Crystal Palace it didn't as they scored the equaliser but that happens. Most of us play with smaller teams and any help in recreating his big game tactics would be helpful. Many people suggested positive mentality but i am not sure. Cos I have played counter on positive mentality. Teams don't have that focus on keeping clean sheet as in lower mentalities where they throw themselves to protect the lead. AI play
  8. I already made a post regarding this. But still didn't have any success. But you seem to be enjoying a lot of success with low blocks. Although its with underdog teams still nice to see. Can you advice me on how to go about recreating Spur's Jose tactics. AI definitely can't play it because Spurs get relegated in many saves. But in real life Jose is having a lot of success playing on the counter with a big team. I would love if you give me some advice.
  9. You have to think like a football manager to win more in this version. Which is good for many but not that good for many. Also many bugs. Going towards a realistic simulation seems a good idea but the life of manager and imo football itself is very tedious. So i can understand your frustration. Tedious life in an office than back to the tediousness and frustration of FM. But that's what many people wanted. A path towards a realistic simulation. But looking at how depressed managers get when they are not winning (eg Jose at United) and the only thing which keeps them going is the humongous sal
  10. Ok. Fair enough. Ill chop and change according to the situation. Once I nail the defensive structure of Spurs roles and duties can be tinkered with. Looking at the photo you think short passing is the best option cos there wont be any striker to give the ball to cos Kane is False 9 and will be at the edge of my area or standard on positive the right option? For the individual brilliance stuff, ticking "be more expressive" is essential right? I have Watkins and Grealish who can wreak havoc.
  11. I like the explanation. Next season with Aston Villa ill take a punt with these suggested mentality and defensive line suggestions. Now for the roles and duties. Considering the work rate and movement and the passing statistics you think hojberg is Half Back or deep lying playmaker? And isn't Aurier on attack duty too adventurous? And why have you chosen Son as IW rather than inside forward?
  12. This is the tactical review of the game. Thank you for the suggestion but I am not sure if its positive mentality. And if it is then the pressing is a lot less than standard on Positive. Also the defensive line is low it seems. And I am Aston Villa who will be playing Bayern and other giants so everything should be just right. Anyway ill make a positive mentality counter tactics but if this video changes your mind lmk.
  13. That's true. But as I said my strikerless tactics are working pretty well so I won't even use the bus parking. But just a back up plan. And as Aston Villa most teams in Europe will be top dogs and i will be underdog. So his tactics can make life certainly easier for me. So only for those tough away nights in Europe suggest something. Danke!
  14. Managing Aston Villa currently. Going pretty well. Sitting top after 15 games. But in football as in life need to be pro active. So I have started planning for next season. And one of those plans is that maybe just maybe i would play park the bus counter football against the European giants. And its a maybe cos my strikerless tactics on positive mentality and high pressing are doing wonderful at the moment. But still doesn't hurt to have a backup plan, So in hope i have trawled the internet for Spurs Jose Recreation but its nothing but Klopp an gegenpressing that I find everywhere
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