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  1. https://i.imgur.com/NcmcmA8.png Couldn't find any topic on women's football in FM.
  2. That makes perfect sense, thanks! I didn't understand Counter-Press only applies during transition to defensive phase and stops once the defensive phase actually starts (if unsuccessful).
  3. I will say this, while I understand it's possible to be successful with defensive approaches here and there (eg. underdog playing a cautious low block), the game seems to reward riskier tactics WAY more. I don't know why that is, but even the poorest sides tend to perform far better with aggressive setups, than they do with more cautious ones. We see this time and time again in the download section, practically every tactic there has a high risk mentality, combined with high lines and maxed out pressing and those tactics will get you decent results no matter what team you're managing. There's just something off with how the game perceives pressing; fitness, cohesion and all the rest doesn't seem to actually matter that much. Doesn't even have to be a downloaded tactic, from my experience you're far better off with an aggressive setup, than you are with low blocks (if your goal is to get best results possible and you don't care about playing realistic tactics). @Rashidi is as good as it gets when it comes to tacticians and even he got spanked 3-0 by Bournemouth while playing a cautious low block in one of his recent streams. I understand he also got some great results with that same tactic, but the point is low blocks seem to be much riskier than just going for it, while in reality it should probably be the opposite (at least when it comes to not leaking goals). Seems like the AI just isn't that good when it comes to defensive positioning, marking, spacial awareness, etc. That's probably also why ultra aggressive tactics are so successful in this game, it's just too easy to overwhelm the AI.
  4. Would appreciate some clarification on this, I just can't seem to wrap my head around it. What is the actual difference between Counter-Press and Higher Line Of Engagement? If I understand correctly, Counter-Press instructs your players to apply pressure immediately after losing the ball. But wouldn't that also be the case with High LOE? For example, what would be your thought process behind choosing Higher LOE, but not Counter-Press? Or the opposite, a Standard/Lower LOE, combined with Counter-Press? I'm struggling to understand actual differences, if someone could explain them in simple terms, I'd be very grateful.
  5. Has this issue been acknowledged by si at any point? Some stats literally not being recorded (tackling) seems like a big deal, no wonder ratings are all weird. My Wbs finish every other match with a shocking rating... Does disciplining them even makes sense at this point ?
  6. What is your thinking behind using top heavy formation for low block? Do attacking roles like if and treq do a good enough job of defending or do you man mark with them to guarantee they come back? @Rashidi
  7. Hmm, this was also a problem in FM19 i think, when i last used match mod. Kinda discouraged me to try it again, since i hate having to readjust everything every match .
  8. @knap Hello sir, sorry if you're asked this a lot, but which tactic would you recommend for vanarama north to premier league? Will holy ghost fire 41212 diamond be ok, or will midfield get overrun with poor quality players? I thought about parisienne walkways 4231, but i'm worried about 1 striker tactics in lower leagues where players are bad . Maybe venom and faith 442?
  9. The game isn't too easy because of bugs, it's too easy because the ai isn't interactive/good enough. It cant see your tactic, it can't adapt to it and it also lacks heavily in areas such as transfer market, morale management, even fitness management during busy periods. That's not something that will get solved with random bug report threads. Devs will just scoff at them linking steam achievement percentages and saying how many users are clearly still finding the game difficult and that's that (which is why difficulty levels are the only real way to make both sides happy, but for some reason that's extremely controversial on this forum).
  10. Do players need to be in same training units to be mentored? I saw some people saying yes, others saying no. Can a defender mentor strikers if he's influential enough?
  11. These goals look great, are wms inner or outer footed?
  12. Yep and throw ins are back . No matter how i setup my set pieces (tried zonal marking with cbs on far and near post, tried man marking), i just keep seeing those stupid goals (throw in, quick pass, cross, goal). Really annoying to see.
  13. Tactic: TMat AFat WMsu IWsu DMde VOLat WBat BPDde CDde FBsu GKde Instructions: cautious, more direct passing, pass into space, early crosses, be more expressive, higher tempo, counter, regroup, distribute quickly, force opposition outside, lower line of engagement Results: How can i make this better defensively? My aim is to play proper lower league football, defend low, direct passes, goals from counters and set pieces. Anytime i tried such a tactic it just falls apart completely.
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