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  1. Hola @Harrison Modeste Hello, the error persists. I have played a full season with three teams, Atlético de Madrid, B and youth, with whom I have participated in the league, the Champions League, the Copa del Rey, Second Division B, youth league and youth champions. In all the games in those competitions, all the games, both in which my teams have played and in those that have not, all the players have finished with 7 points. In competitions in which none of my teams participated that did not happen. I would like to fix this, because the game loses much of its interest with th
  2. Every time I load a game it gives me an error the first time and the program closes. Always, without exception, it is loaded the second time. Never the first, nor the third nor later
  3. Hi @Harrison Modeste i have uploaded a saved game. The name of the file is CARLOS ESCOBAR - Atlético Madrid.fm
  4. In absolutely every game I play, every player who participates ends up with the same score. If it is a friendly match, they all end with 6.8 and if it is an official match, all the players of the two teams are scored with 7. It does not matter whether they win or lose, whether a player plays for only 1 minute or who scores 4 goals. They all end up with the same score no matter what. I have already tried playing several different games, uninstalling the game and reinstalling it ... and nothing, always the same problem. It's maddening, because that way the game loses most of its interest
  5. In absolutely every match I play, all participating players end up with a score of 7.0. It doesn't matter if they play a lot or little, win or lose, score a hat-trick or lose by five goals. All players in all matches, without exception.
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