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  1. Ooh, that might have cracked it.

    In this case, there are 15 teams in the league at all times, so that's fairly simple. The bit that's not so simple is that each iteration of the league format is absolutely insane, so that might take a while, but testing it with simpler, but different formats, it appears to be changing.

    I seem to be missing something with the game recognising a team as champions if it's not a straight league format though. I have a first stage, which is 2 groups, then a second stage which is a cup. The champions should be the winners of this cup stage, but the game doesn't show anyone as champions.

  2. After a lot of googling, I'm still not any nearer to getting an answer to this question. Essentially, what I'm trying to do is create the San Marino League so that it will change format as it did in real life. I thought I'd managed to do this by creating 2 duplicate competitions, and then changing the format in each, and setting start and end years for each of these in the database. The rules test fine, but playing the game the original competition ceases to be and the replacement doesn't then seem to come into effect.


    So before I spend any more time trying to do this, is what I want to do even possible? The editor seems to be fairly similar on later versions, so if someone has done this in a newer game, that might still work for me in FM17.

  3. I'm creating some retired players as staff, just made Eric Cantona. When loading a game to test he was showing and working correctly, all seems to be fine, except the game has given him a random face from the sortitoutsi mega pack. It's not the end of the world, but I'd rather it were blank than wrong. I've absolutely no idea how the game handles assigning faces to people, so if anyone can help would appreciate it!

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