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  1. I'll give that a shot - I rarely hook up my phones to my PC, so I didn't really think of that avenue. Thanks
  2. Hi, Marc - thanks for your reply. I am logged in to the same Google Play account, and I have searched my purchases, but it is nowhere to be found. When I search in the store for it, it is available, but only for purchase at US$6.99. It does not show up in my purchases for some reason. I'm open to other ideas. Much as I like you guys, I prefer not to pay multiple times for the same product
  3. After originally purchasing FMH14 on my Motorola Maxx Ultra, I just upgraded to a Samsung Note 4. All of my other paid apps are available to redownload, but FMH14 is not. As the FAQ seems to lead to a 404 message, I thought I'd post and see if that's the way Sega wants it, or if there is a fix so I can transfer my paid for game and unlockables to my new device. Thanks
  4. I always thought that was a hat...
  5. Transfer Offers vs. Player Values

    All - thanks for the replies - been away from the PC over the weekend. Having just taken over, and always struggling with this aspect of the game anyway, I didn't want to start off on the wrong foot with the players. I'll let you know how it goes Cheers!
  6. Alright - I've always had trouble with this area. I started a save as Wolves. The defense if pretty solid, the midfield needs work, the forwards are decent. Right off the bat I get two transfer offers that are less than half of two players' values. They are both third or fourth in my depth chart, and would, in my mind, be pretty critical for a promotion run. The problem is that they're offers from Championship sides. How does the game figure its offers? Am I going to lose the player anyway when he gets pissed off that I jacked his price up to his value? One player is Danny Batth. Game value L975k - offer from Leeds L400k - where does that number come from? I'd be actually willing to sell him for the chance to jack up my transfer kitty to strengthen my midfield, because I do still have some cover, I think. But not for L400k. Can someone enlighten me on the finance end of it? It's always been a little wonky to me. Thanks.
  7. Where do I get the editor?

    This is the path: Have fun C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\football manager 2011\tools\editor
  8. My DM's are critical - they're rocks in front of the back line, and they occasionally score. I play a 442 attacking diamond (or on the counter - fast wingers) and my DM's make a huge difference. At one point I had my three top strikers all on the table. We couldn't score, but we drew several games, points that made a big difference later, and I think, from the highlights, that my DM made a real difference in nailing down the midfield and protecting the back line.
  9. Fining players

    First sending off I issue a warning. Another in same season, fine 1 week's wages. Never had to fine someone again, and I've never had a player respond negatively either. Lucky me, I guess?
  10. When will you Retire from FM?

    Only been playing for a few years now. I'm 43 next month and don't see giving it up anytime in the next couple decades. Also play FIFA on the XBox too, so I guess I've just no plans to grow up at all
  11. Using Editors...

    I usually use it after a few plays untouched to give my sad little Darlo a sugar daddy and a potful of cash and play a "what-if" save for awhile
  12. Going Overload

    I usually go overload and add the "retain possession" shout as well. I don't know if it actually works in reality, or if it's just the players are good enough, but I get results a decent number of times.
  13. Going Overload

    I score with some frequency with it, on a couple saves. I usually go overload on 35 minutes. If they don't score by half-time, I'll leave it the first 10 of the second half before backing off to their standard set up. If I'm home and drawing, I'll often turn to it at 80 minutes too and have scored a few winners.
  14. What team could you simply never manage?

    And if we have, I'll still have my soul, too - If we haven't, I'll STILL have my soul, and I'll still love my club. Doesn't really matter, does it? Well, to normal folks... gloryhunters might deem otherwise!
  15. What team could you simply never manage?

    No, fans of Man United are soulless gloryhunters Glad I could clear that up for you