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  1. I'm a Milan fan and play with them mostly, and am not the best at explaining how tactical instructions operate within the match engine, but here's my two cents: - With dual MEZ's and a BWM you don't have anyone tasked with running the midfield. Kessie will look to win the ball back and lay it off to his midfield partners with simple passes but both of his partners are seeking to operate forward and out wide, putting a lot of strain on him as a less-talented passer. It would be beneficial to set up the central midfielder as a holding midfielder and have two runners operating next to him (I
  2. Yep but I would imagine this should play well on the newer ones as well. With Calhanoglu and Krunic I use AP-A but if things start getting stale I'll switch one of my wingers (usually Bernardeschi who I got on loan from Juve) to an AP-A and then change my central midfield to CM-A or MEZ-A with Kessie. The idea is to always have a playmaker pushing the play with runners around him going forward. Since Zlatan is slow I use a low tempo and short passing. The playmaker will look to find the wingers and/or overlapping wing backs and then the end goal is to find Zlatan in the box. When I sub Zlatan
  3. Wasn’t me mate, I’ll post mine today. As for the left wing question, it hasn’t really come back to bite me very often. Having a consistent possession and pressure system has kept things pretty tidy. I ended up accepting a great offer for Calhanoglu ($30m + 40% future profit from Bayern) so I’ve had other guys play that left CM spot as either AP-A or Mezzala/CM-A and it still works pretty well.
  4. I've been able to find great success with a 4-3-3 with a Regista: Zlatan (DLF-A) Rebic/Leao (IF-S), Saeleamakers (W-S) Calhanoglu (AP-A), Kessie (BBM-S) Bennacer/Tonali (Regista-S) Theo (CWB-A), Romagnoli (BPD-D), Kjaer (CD-D), Calabria (CWB-S) Donnarumma (SK-S) Zlatan currently leads the league in goals and has around 33 total in 35 games. I've never been good at making 4-2-3-1's with a central AM where Calhanoglu should be, but having him run from deep as a AP-A from the central midfield spot has worked well. I have both wingers and wingbacks set to
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