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  1. Second Season. Hoping that a season with a full transfer budget will change my luck around Signings out Stuart Dallas to Leicester City 20m - This felt like a low fee for someone who had a value of 30m but you can only get what people are willing to pay. Dallas is a very well rounded player with good stats all over but i wanted a more specialized left back for that position. Luke Ayling to Everton 20m - This bid came out of nowhere, i was hoping to hang onto him for another year or 2, but looking further into it, i thought it was too good to pass up & id already scouted my replacement which you will see further down Mateusz Klich to Monaco 15m - For my midfield i knew i wanted more of a deep lying playmaker so i could then push Kalvin Phillips forward to help the midfield with just his natural energy. Klich is 31 at this point so will only go down in his ability from here Liam Cooper to Bournemouth 6.5m - Unfortunately for the Leeds captain he just wasn't getting enough game time & it didn't sit well with him. At 32 years of age i wasn't too concerned in letting him go even if the fee was a little low Patrick Bamford to Bournemouth 14.5m - Due to some of the people i have managed to bring in i felt like Bamford would be better being sold on as i could get injury cover from Gelhardt Elgin Alioski to Udinese 4.5m - Decent substitute who can play a lot of positions but we are looking to increase the levels of all the players we have & at 30yrs old he wont be improving anymore Leif Davis to West Brom 6m - In hindsight this one turned out to be not the best idea, he's reasonable to do a job as sub for injuries & i ended up having to get someone in on loan to do the job i could've just left him to do Laurens de Bock, Barry Douglas, Jordan Stevens, Rafa Mujica - All these leave for a combined figure of about 5m players who weren't able to make the cut & it saves a little on wages Robin Koch to Hertha Berlin 30.5m January - With me signing a Centre back in this window it meant one of my 1st choice pairing had to go too, i put them both on the transfer list & but had no bidders in the 1st window so i waited till January to try my luck again. In came Hertha Berlin with a very decent offer which i gladly accepted Signings in Owen Wijndal from AZ Alkmaar 16m - My replacement for Dallas, slightly cheaper & about 9 years younger. Looks like a solid option & i figured he would have plenty of time to improve. Quite happy with this one Cody Gakpo from PSV 8.5m - This was my replacement for Harrison who left before i received my transfer window funds unfortunately. Feels like a good signing with Plenty of potential he's also 6"2 which might give him a little advantage against the smaller full backs Emi Buendia from Norwich 32m - So this is the big one, the player to turn my season around. i knew Bamford couldn't play as an attacking mid regularly so i splashed out to buy this guy. i was surprised Norwich let him go seen as they got promoted that season Max Aarons from Norwich 38m (rising to 45m) - Yes another raid on poor Norwich, this transfer came mostly out of the surprise interest in Luke Ayling. Cost us a little bit more but hopefully we have the Right position sorted now for a few years Sandro Tonali from Brescia 18m - I was very confused my this one as I'm sure Milan have the option to buy him so didn't expect him to be available when he flashed up on a scout report - i certainly didn't think he would be available at such a low price. Absolute No Brainier Ben Godfrey from Everton 55m - Yep you read correctly 55! for the last season my 1st choice Centre Backs have had the dashed lined on the team sheet indicating that they do not play well together. So i figured i had to make a change or id end up down in 14th again. Godfrey looks quick he's young & hopefully has the potential to get even better Callum Chambers from Arsenal 5m January - As you will read further down i managed to sell my entire backline in one window, which sounds stupid reading it back now. He was put on the transfer list for what i thought was a bargain price, his price shot to 22m once he'd signed so looked like a good deal all round Loans In - We make our 1st foray into the loan market, i know this is important in many FM saves but i don't like improving players for other teams & then making them more expensive to buy when you want them. So i got Gabriel Martinelli from Arsenal, he can cover the entire front 4 so should be good cover. i also bring in Neco Williams form Liverpool just for cover in the full back positions Loans out Sam Greenwood, Pascal Struik, Ryan Edmonson, Nohan Kennah & Matheusz Bogusz- all leave for more experience & loan fees once more Diego Llorente to Lyon - this one was part of the cleaning up of my poor defensive partnership it came with an option to buy of 28.5m. a hefty loan fee & wage contribution helped With our formation now being 4231, we lined up as Meslier, Wijndal, Godfrey, Llorente, Aarons, Tonali, Phillips, Gakpo, Raphinha, Buendia & Rodrigo. Finishing Position: 7th This season was much better & a nice turn around in luck, feel like swapping formation to 4231 was a large part of this. Rodrigo also took his tally to 21 goals in 36 games so a massive improvement. Also my assistant manager was poached my Tottenham so i had to find one myself, luckily for me Jesus Perez who looks like he was Pochettino's assistant applied for the position, which i was more than happy to offer him. As you can see i had a huge wave of replacements in the transfer window, shaping my club up for future seasons. During the season i realised that Godfrey wasn't the best as my leading & commanding centre back i eventually come to idea that his height was the issue he's 6" which you'd say is ok but from January onwards he was now being partnered by Papetti who is also 6". We managed to finish in 7th which with it brought Leeds' 1st time back in European football for 20 years.
  2. Hi All Figured id give everyone a run down of how my Leeds United save went & where we finally got to (I'm in 2027 at the minute). Firstly here's how the 1st season went. Signings out Pablo Hernandez to Crystal Palace 3m - This one was a tough decision to make, his stats are more than good enough for a 1st season, however the opportunity to get some money while i could was too big of a pull Kiko Cassila to Dinamo Moscow 5m - It was always my intention to play Meslier as my Number 1 & with a stating balance so low it was a no brainer to send him out for IMO a nice fee Jay Roy Gott to VVV Venolo 300k - Not much to say on this one, He's not good Signings in Andrea Pappetti from Brescia 3m - Figured i could train this guy up & eventually take the place of Liam Cooper on the bench/1st replacement. He has been a solid player for me & came in handy in future years. He was swiflty loaned to reading in the 1st season Christian Walton from Brighton 450k - As i said before Meslier was always my number 1 so this guy will probably only play in the early cup stages & due to injuries. Solid, Cheap & happy to sit on the bench. Easy replacement for Casilla Loans out Sam Greenwood, Joe Gelhardt, Nohan Kennah, Ian Poveda, Crysensio Summerville, Leif Davis & Neil Huggins. Most of these have been sent out to get experience to hopefully come back &^ challenge for a place, others have gone out just for the loan fees We started out playing with a 424 formation Meslier, Dallas, Koch, Llorente, Ayling, Klich, Phillips, Harrison, Raphinha, Bamford & Rodrigo. Finishing Position: 14th Not the best of seasons ill admit, i was let down a lot by the tactics i think. it leaves too many gaps in the midfield & as good as Phillips is i don't think his best position the holding midfielder (despite real life performances). Harrison is a nice average player definitely worth the 10m if you can squeeze enough money to buy him. The fact my Top scorer was Rodrigo with 10 goals probably says everything you need to know
  3. So not sure if this is a bug or part of the game. Went on holiday & selected to use current match tactics, returned 14 games later & my Asst Manager had not used my tactics in any of the 14 games I'd missed? Is the instruction optional for the Asst manager - can he choose to ignore it or is this wrong?
  4. Thanks Man ... I have to admit his value has dropped 10mil since he hit the big 3-0. Will look to offload in the next window
  5. Quick question for anybody. What do you think is the special number where you can sell a player for Max value before his stats start to drop. Have a striker who has hit 30 mid season .. do I have a year or 3 left or should I cash in now?
  6. My feedback is simply Thanks. Thanks to Miles & all the devs involved. I'm finally able to play a proper Manager game on console again. I enjoy being able to click the left stick & use the cursor ... I know it might be a hardware thing but I'd take the fully beefed up game no matter how unoptimized it is with the controller FM has always been a game made for a different pace, so even if it needs 18 clicks to promote a player ... I'm happy to do it
  7. Thanks for the reply guys .. I agree, think I'll stick with the individual set ups, seems pointless my assistant training my inside forward to be an inverted winger etc
  8. Has anyone got any tips or hints for what they do for training on Xbox or touch. I've just decided in my 3rd year to try take control of my training & it's confusing. Do you go with double intensity for bigger growth?, do you only train them in the position they are playing in? (my assistant seemed to pick positions from all over the place). Do you change up the categories Balanced, fitness or tactics? etc
  9. Quick Question, I'm on Xbox, is there anyway to pay off Club debts early? It would be nice to use some budget to clear money owed i.e Chairman Loans etc
  10. If you press the left trigger (LT) you'll get the menu up
  11. Don't think offline Multiplayer is a thing ... Only Online
  12. I found the best way to get this to work .. Nobody press Continue (RT) till after you & your friend(s) matches have all fully finished ... Then the host has to be the last one to press RT to continue ... Seems to work for me everytime. Also if you forget to do it in order ... If you get you're friend to quit out, It tends to let you through, then just invite him back in
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