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  1. After a good run of of being unbeaten, I have lost 5 games in a row with the Beo 442. One game I conceded 5 goals in the first 35 minutes... I have noticed, that I am not very dominating, even when I was winning. Seems it has become totally useless for me after the latest update. I even adjusted the squad for this tactic, bying over 30 players in my first 2 seasons.
  2. Done. Look up top Hope it brings you success...
  3. @dcatt11, Will send screenshot tonight, as there are some very specific team instructions for this tactic... Do you also want for each player?
  4. Pretty decent run of results in the cups. Also won the league, but that was less of a suprise.
  5. @George Morgan - glad to hear. Which postition did you change to Trequartista?
  6. I'm in season 4 - year 2021. Don't have anybody left from my original Brøndby team...
  7. Not bad, when I've only played 23/46 games
  8. Thanks I play without Shadow Striker, when I'm a man down. Or if I'm ahead by 2 goals or more, I might pull the Advanced Forward. Also, I often change to Standard/Counter and structured.
  9. I believe this is the one I'm playing: https://www.fmscout.com/a-world-super-league-fm18.html
  10. ZimmermanPT I think I found it on FM Scout.com. Will send you a direct link tonight, when I'm by my computer...
  11. I can only encourage that you experiment and give feed-back I find that the play is pulled a bit too much into the centre of the pitch with both as RMD
  12. Must say, I am very pleased with the return result against PSG.
  13. Very satisfied with this match - even though I didn't win. Changed to Counter and Structured, and managed to outplay one of the 3 best teams in the game away from home. They are currently 5 DIVISIONS above me Will post the return match later.
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