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    Been Playing Football Management Sims since the Spectrum
    My Favourite ones to play have always been Champ and Football Manager
    Usually go Rangers but had already started a game with them elsewhere
    so I went the Hometown team Albion Rovers

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    38 from Coatbridge


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    Computer Games, watching sports, Rock and Rap music

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    Albion Rovers

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  1. No but it is the PC game pass version it may be something to do with that
  2. Forgot to say it's the Full Fat Version on the PC gave up with the xbox one
  3. I can get 30 shots 12 on target and score 1 and the opposition can get 2 shots and score both of them and beat me it's stupid we know it does happens sometimes but it happens far to regularly even if you have a much better team you need to make it more realistic
  4. it's ridiculous you can press all over the park with guys that have like 1 out of 20 stamina and they tire at the same rate as everyone else or a striker that has a 5 out of 20 for finishing scoring 30 goals in a season the stats need to mean something until youth players stats go up they should be mince not threw straight in to the first team and be world beaters
  5. I would like to have more players and be able to run more leagues in future editions I don't feel like 30 000 is enough and only being able have 4 or 5 playable countries on a £1700 laptop viewable leagues should take up less processing power so you can have more players Another good thing would be in viewable leagues they can still offer you jobs That would maybe mean you don't need to run so many playable leagues and can just add one if they offer you a job and turn one off if you leave it or make it viewable
  6. Decide to start a game with my hometown team Albion Rovers was 2nd in the league 11 points behind Queens Park with 20 games left and it Showed them picking up the trophy after they played me with 60 points still to play for Then I maintained my 2nd position but with 10 games left it said I had qualified for the playoffs when their is teams outside it only 5 points behind me but it gets better when i qualified it said I fell at the final hurdle without even having played any playoffs
  7. Got a new laptop back to playing the real version Happy Days
  8. if you mean my Xbox account yes I'm on Xbox Series X trying to continue my game on PC
  9. The other thing that really put me off it was my first game was 6-6 and predicted goals were 1.3 and 0.9 think it was slightly out
  10. There's loads of things The user interface is terrible Can't figure out how to do most things even with the tutorial like promote players to my first team It won't let me place an ad for staff though that might be due to the transfer window not being open even though thats not how it works You can't filter by attributes The game is far too stripped back The graphics are poor and I'm playing on series x My first game said I would score 1. 2 goals and they would 0.9 the game ended 6-6 I also can't get it to work on my laptop I keep getting an error sa
  11. Is this the worst management game ever? I have been playing champ manager and football manager since the amiga and without shadow of a doubt this is the worst ever one. It might even be the worst football management game I have ever played on any format and I started playing manager games on the spectrum? Anyone else have these thoughts?
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