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  1. Hey I was top on the last day of the season for about 30 minutes. Other results went against me. Including my own and I ended up finishing 3rd. My fans and the board didn't seem too distraught that I didn't manage to win as I was never expected to win the league. I am though. We were so close. I'm trying to use it as motivation to challenge again / win it next year but I'm struggling. So I thought I would turn to you guys for some support. What's the closest you have coming to winning the league? How did you kick on for the next season? Cheers. Distonio.
  2. I'm currently managing Arsenal and I am trying to get players from borussia monchengladbach, Sevilla, PSG and Juventus. I understand I probably have to pay over the odds to attract them away from their clubs as they are not small clubs. I just dont know if 30k pw for a 16 year old is stupid. When they are probably a season away from getting in the first team. But if I wait until next season will I be able to sign them for a couple of million if at all? What would you do?
  3. Is it worth a signing a newgen with great stats for a 16 year old but with a determination stat of 4? Is he worth buying and sticking in a mentoring group or would you avoid newgens with determination that low? If anyone could help me with this or link me to the answer I'd appreciate it. Thanks. Distonio
  4. Hey guys. I have found some great newgens with great stats. I have managed to have bids accepted on a few of them for a few million quid. When it comes to negotiating a contract a lot of them want 30k pw. And will walk away from the negotiations if I drop it any lower. I get that they are young, may have only recently signed a contract and dont want to move away but just wondered is it worth paying them that much money without the option of increasing it after a 20 matches for example and hope they develop quick enough to be involved in my first team. In which case 30k pw is not too bad if they are contributing to results. Knowing that they will likely develop really well. My question is, would you offer a 16 year old newgen with amazing potential that kind of money. Is there a better way of doing business. Waiting a season and monitoring etc? Distonio.
  5. Thanks. That's all I needed to know.
  6. I just want to know as Dani Alves is out or contract in the first season. Is he worth signing as a back up / experienced right back or should I look to invest the 100k pw wages he is asking somewhere else or into a promising right back for the future? Has anyone used Dani Alves in the second season? Thanks.
  7. Do you have the other leagues loaded as playable?
  8. Hi guys, I just wandered if there was a reason Paris Saint-Germains short name is Paris SG and not PSG. I am more familiar with them being called PSG rather than Paris SG. I know this is an official nickname but just wandered if they are known in France or by their fans as Paris SG rather than PSG. Distonio
  9. Hi guys, I am a third of the way into a season. I noticed that when I am in the tactics screen all 3 of my formations have a very low tactical familiarity and rated awkward. But when I change tactics mid game the tactics bar is fully green and all rated fluid. Anyone know why this is? Do i need to get mu coached to concentrate on tactics for a while to improve the familiarity? What's the best way of improving this? Thanks. Distonio
  10. Hello, Just started a new winter update save with Arsenal, and on the clubs history page it is showing that Arsenal have won the Europa League, but they haven't won this competition before, their only success in Europe has been the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1970 and the Cup Winners' cup in 1994. They were runners up in the Europa League in 2000. Found this about it online, While the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup is recognised as the predecessor to the UEFA Cup, it was not organised by UEFA. Consequently, UEFA does not consider clubs' records in the Fairs Cup to be part of their European record. I supposed thats why FM considers it as the UEFA Europa League. Is this fixable with the editor or another way? Thanks Distonio
  11. Hey everyone. I am just wondering how you as a manager cope with a long term injury. My captain has just sustained an injury that will keep him out for 9 months. Im currently in Feb. So his season is over and he will have next to no preseason. The team is doing well this season. We are challenging in the league and fighting many other teams for a play-off position and doing well in the EFL Trophy. The January window has come and gone so I cant get a replacement. I dont really have the funds to anyway. I guess the point of my post is that i feel gutted for my captain. He will miss the battle for a playoff place. Could miss the playoffs and could miss winning a trophy. This obviously happens in real life. And if we got to the final i imagine my team wearing tee shirts with the caption "do it for the captain". But i love looking at players histories and biographies and i feel aggrieved that when i look at his it may not have the trophies that we go on to win this season. Am i the only that feels gutted in real life, does anyone take it personally. How do you cope with long term injuries? Cheers, Distonio
  12. Hi everyone, Perhaps i am mistaken but i thought that you can now make a 4th substitution when cup games go to extra time. When this has happened to me it tell me that i do not have any subs left to make. Anyone know why this is? Distonio
  13. This is ground breaking stuff. I can't believe I didn't know this. Thanks!
  14. Yeah I would like to know this too! Can anyone confirm? Distonio
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