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  1. @knap @deviangel Btw i can't find the tactic in google.docs (robber tweak) it says; We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Can u share it please?
  2. @knap I manage Wolves and i tried all of these tactics but none of them suitable for me.. We conceed very ugly and easy goals When we play with ball, we pass and pass and pass and then comes an absurd shots which mostly hit defenders or very weak and slow shots. I finish the match with 15-20 shots and opponent takes 5-6 shots but results mainly draw or lose... (I know that first of all the team has to get used to the tactics, but you can be sure that I try and bring each one to at least "accomplished") I have Szoboszlai, Jimenes, Fabio Silva, Renato Sanches, Neves, Zaniolo, Max Aaron
  3. @knap I'm playing with Wolves in PL. I tried many tactics but no one is stable. 2-3 matches good scores but after that 2-3 matches lose / n Which tactic should i use? and how can i understand which tactic suits me before team adapts it? Thanks..
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